10 Best Hemp Backpacks

best hemp backpacks nepal wholesale

The fashion industry cannot be supported indefinitely. Its production and distribution of goods are expensive, especially for our planet. Nearly 20% of global wastewater is generated by treatment and dying fabric, the vast majority (87%) of fiber used in clothing manufacturing is burned or disposed of in landfills, and the fashion industry is accountable for 10% of annual global carbon emissions. These are just a few of the negative consequences of unsustainable fashion, which also include the use of and incapability to contain microplastics, worker exploitation, and other issues.

Purchasing goods made of sustainable fabrics is a simple way to reduce your consumer footprint. Backpacks made from hemp are one of the best and sustainable options as:

  • Hemp requires far less water to grow than other natural-fiber alternatives and is effective at absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Pesticides are not required in the cultivation of hemp
  • Hemp is used to making long-lasting fabric
  • Hemp also has a long lifespan and is resistant to UV rays

Know Before Buying a Hemp Backpack

While hemp is an odor-resistant resource, hemp backpacks are not the greatest way of transporting stuff if you want to mask the smell. Although these bags are great for storage, you may want to get odor-proof containers for added protection. When it comes to backpacks, choosing hemp backpacks made from organic and sustainable hemp plants is a fantastic eco-friendly option. Moreover, they have their natural design style and are long-lasting and sturdy due to the strength of hemp fiber. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten hemp backpacks on the market.

Mandala Tibetan Shop Bohemian Hemp Sling Backpack

Hemp College Bag

This backpack is handmade, lightweight, and made from pure hemp. It comes in various colors and has several mini zippers to store keys and wallets. It is a great option for everyday wear. If you lead an active lifestyle, this sling backpack fits snugly against your back and is easy to wear. Furthermore, the vibrant pattern is one-of-a-kind and eye-catching enough to garner you a slew of compliments. The Handicraft shop has a lot of cute Himalayan bags that you can add to your cart on their page.

Nepalese Hemp Backpack

Hemp Hiking Backpack

Nepalese Hemp backpacks are super cheap and are available with diverse patterns. This Nepalese backpack is made of Himalayan materials and natural hemp to create a comfortable, classy bag that is also environmentally friendly. The only disadvantage of this store is that they frequently require you to purchase products in bulk. This is a good option if you want multiple backpacks for different purposes. Nonetheless, Handicrafts Nepal is an ethically conscious company with very exclusive, personal styles.

Hemp Mini Backpack

Small Mini Hemp Boho Backpack

The hemp mini backpack is versatile, comfortable, and organic. It is 100% made from pure hemp and also has adjustable straps. Hemp mini backpack is perfect for both casual and dressier occasions. Although the bag is small, it can hold plenty of items. Despite its higher price, the bag makes up for it with its versatility and long lifespan. The small bag is easy to transport and offers a classier, sleeker alternative to the typical hemp backpack.

Boho Mini Backpack

boho hippe bag

The boho mini backpack is handmade, affordable, and has adjustable straps. It is also available in a variety of colors. This small hemp bag is more comfortable on your shoulders than a small shoulder bag because it is lightweight and easy to carry. This natural cotton and hemp blend, handcrafted in the Himalayas, was comfortable, light, and surprisingly durable. It’s ideal for quick trips around town or carrying essentials wherever you go.

Himalayan Group Multi-Pocket Pure Hemp Backpack

Multi Pocket Hemp Backpack

This hemp backpack is made in Nepal and is a mixture of hemp and heavy cotton blend. It has multiple different-sized side pockets, hanging loops, and adjustable straps. This hemp backpack softens with use, providing extra comfort without sacrificing durability. This hemp backpack features interior pockets lined with soft cotton, a unisex hemp hippie decal, and is available in a variety of sizes. This is a product that has been produced following the principles of fair trade.

Backpack Rucksack Hemp Hand Made Bag

hemp rucksack bag

This hemp backpack is made in Nepal and is a mixture of hemp and cotton blends. It has multiple compartments available and foam shoulder straps. This bag is appropriate for both office use and outdoor backpacking. It’s made of high-quality hemp and has a carry handle as well as a zippered front pouch closure. No two bags are alike as it is handcrafted. It also has a unisex design. 

Eco-friendly Himalayan Hemp Backpack

10 Best Hemp Backpacks 1

This product is made in Nepal and is a mixture of hemp, organic cotton, and cotton. It has a total of 6 compartments available; two water compartments and four body compartments. The bag has padded straps. The hemp backpack is suitable for the workplace, school, travel, and outdoor activities. It has the ASATRE logo on the outside and the Hemp leaf and 100 percent Hemp logos on the inside. It has a padded center compartment as well as a side pocket big enough to hold an umbrella.

100% Natural Hemp Canvas Backpack

Namche Hemp Backpack

This hemp canvas is made in Nepal. It has a padded interior and has extra pockets along with water bottle pockets. This hemp backpack is made of canvas hemp, which makes it extremely tough. It is made up of multicolored panels that are pruned in natural colored hemp. Heavy-duty cotton is used to line the interior. It has a 100% wild hemp exterior and was designed to be an alternative to plastic and leather backpacks.

Dime Bags Original Hemp Backpack

10 Best Hemp Backpacks 2

All of the Dimebag’s brand products have hidden pockets and are odor-proof, which comes in handy whether you are one of the brand’s target customers or not. Their original backpack is available in a variety of colors and is made of hemp and recycled polyester, which offers greater durability than 100% hemp fabric. The bag is made of thick material and is extremely durable by nature because it is designed to be odor-proof. If durability is an important factor for you and you need a reliable backpack that would last a long time, this is the best product for you. Furthermore, the brand uses Velcro labels so if you don’t like the way it looks, you can just take out the logo. 

Sativa Hemp Deluxe Adventure Backpack

sativa hemp bag

The Sativa hemp deluxe adventure backpack has a lot of pockets for storage, adjustable straps and is made of durable materials. This Sativa backpack is the best option for space and storage, whether you need a backpack for camping or to fit all of your books and miscellaneous pens. While more expensive, especially given the high cost of international shipping, this bag will withstand heavy use. This backpack can carry heavier loads, but the adjustable straps and shape of the bag keep the weight off your back. The Sativa backpack is made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Because of the natural color options, this is an excellent choice for those looking for a bag that will go with everything. Vegans should be aware that the straps are made of genuine leather.

Hemp backpacks are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and prices. Hemp bags are useful not only because they are practical, but also because they are produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner. The majority of our top ten choices were made in Nepal, the source of the best Himalayan hemp backpacks. Nepal is a smaller, but still significant, hemp producer in the world. The majority of Nepal’s hemp production comes from small-scale businesses, which are naturally more ethical than many larger corporations. Many of these businesses are dedicated to ethical labor practices and environmental stewardship, making them worthwhile investments.

Are Hemp Backpacks Legal?

Hemp Backpack is a bag that is more environmentally conscious and friendly. These are made from Nepal’s Himalayan region’s locally available resources. The bags are made from a Nepalese cannabis plant. Making bags from the plant is legal although smoking cannabis is illegal in Nepal. By producing hemp products such as hemp bags, hemp hats, hemp purses, and many other items several Nepalese people make a living. In Nepal, hemp bags are therefore legal. Farmers do not cultivate hemp because it is illegal. The plant is relatively uncommon, and relatively few people are using the hemp that is available to make different products.

Nepalese lawmakers have introduced a new bill that would formalize the medical cannabis industry and improve hemp cultivation guidelines. Because the cannabis plant grows wild in many parts of the country, Nepal has become well known around the world for its relaxed stance on cannabis. Proposed by MP Sher Bahadur Tamang, the Cannabis Cultivation Act has received more than 40 legislator signatures. Several motions are included in the Act that would benefit Nepalese hemp and cannabis cultivators. Cultivators, for example, would not be required to obtain licenses for hemp that is to be used for food or industrial purposes. This includes, amongst other things, hemp seeds, oils, and drinks, as well as building materials. Furthermore, the sale and distribution of these products would not necessitate the acquisition of a special license.

The plant’s cultivation and processing are currently technically illegal in Nepal. Hemp plants, on the other hand, grow wild throughout the country, and the Narcotic Drugs Control Act allows for the use of these wild plants. Many people in the country find the guidelines and laws to be perplexing, and several MPs have recently called for the legalization of cannabis cultivation, which many people rely on for a living.

Why Hemp backpacks?

Although there are numerous types to choose from, having one that suits your requirements and offers support on all counts is a wise decision. This is where the most recent hemp bags provide benefits that no other bag type can. There has recently been a lot of discussion about our use of polycarbonate and how it is threatening our natural balance. Hemp, on the other hand, is the most environmentally friendly crop to cultivate. It grows quickly, uses few insecticides and pesticides, replenishes the soil, requires little water to grow, and is quickly sustainable. Hemp stalks produce more fiber per acre than trees.

Because hemp is a lightweight and absorbent fiber, hemp bags are extremely strong. Hemp bags have a tensile strength that is roughly three times that of cotton bags. When you’re looking for a bag, you want something which can withstand the elements. Because it is UV and mold-resistant, hemp is an excellent choice. Hemp is also appropriate due to its anti-bacterial characteristics, which prevent the spreading of bacteria. The majority of synthetic materials manufactured today incorporate polyethylene petrochemical components that are extremely toxic. Furthermore, producing such bags necessitates the combustion of crude oil, coal, and gas, a process that depletes resources. Hemp bags do not necessitate such engagement and are thus toxic-free, making them a better choice for our safety and society.

Are Hemp Backpacks Eco-friendly?

Because our hemp bags are eco-friendly, with each purchase you will be taking another step toward becoming more environmentally conscious and friendly. Natural yarns from Nepal’s Himalayan regions were used to create the organic hemp backpack. These bags are made in Nepal and are unisex, with options ranging from coin purses and hemp backpacks to laptop bags and fanny packs. The fiber used in the production of organic hemp backpacks is extracted from the Cannabis plant, which reaches a height of approximately 20 feet. After harvesting them, for up to 20 days villagers will shred the leaves and soak the stem in water. The bark is then split up, smoked over a fire, and boiled in ash water. Following this process, thin strips of bark are hand-removed from the bark, and the hemp backpack is created as a result.

Are hemp backpacks waterproof?

Although hemp backpacks are not waterproof, they are water-resistant. It has high absorption characteristics, which prevents it from being waterproof without some sort of coating. It is ideal for use in the construction of a backpack because hemp is mildew and mold resistant. Furthermore, it is biodegradable, so when you are finished with your backpack, you will be helping to protect the environment.

Where To Buy Hemp Backpacks?

The first thing you need to know, whether you are shopping retail or wholesale, is the overall market price of the item you are trying to obtain. It is better to walk around a few stores and ask for prices to get a sense of what’s available. After looking at a few products, you should decide on the price you’re willing to pay and the quality you’re looking for. Quality is of utmost importance as a cheaper version of whatever you’re trying to buy is almost always available. Although most shopkeepers will understand basic English and can communicate with you, it is best if you can bring someone fluent in the local language to help you negotiate a better deal.

If you are unable to personally visit the suppliers then it is recommended that you do the research required to have an idea of what you are looking for. You can also reach out to suppliers through emails. The most prevalent tourist destinations for handicraft items in Nepal are undoubtedly places in the Kathmandu valley such as Thamel, Basantapur-Jhochhen freak street, Boudha, Bhaktapur, and Patan. Though, places outside the valley such as Pokhara and Palpa are also well-known. Kathmandu is a major business center.

Hemp bags are sturdier and more fashionable: in today’s modern fashion industry, many people prefer to buy stylish and elegant items. As a result, the hemp industry provides a wide range of designer and sustainable hemp bags. Hemp bag companies have properly qualified designers who use their skills to create a designer variety of bags to meet market demand. They also cater to the individual needs of persons of different ages and genders by manufacturing a wide variety of bags such as stylish bags for women, sling bags, tracking backpacks, sports bags, and laptop bags, among others.

Handicrafts In Nepal can assist you if you want to buy hemp bags or other hemp products from Nepal. If you want hemp bags in large quantities at wholesale prices, you can place your orders. If you prefer, we can also change the designs, shapes, and sizes. Contact Us!

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