20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs

best nepali handicrafts

Are you visiting Nepal and wondering what souvenir to bring back home to your loved ones? Then our article on Best Nepali Handicrafts Souvenir will be a helpful one for you.

When traveling places people expect souvenirs from that country.  And Nepal is a bio-diversified and culturally rich country full of amazing handicraft goods and products. We have listed some of the best souvenirs you can give your friends and family.

Nepalese Handicraft Souvenirs

To know more about the handicraft souvenirs to take back from Nepal as gifts for someone. You can read further below:

Thangka Painting

tibetan thangka nepal

When searching for the best Nepali handicraft souvenir Thangka painting always manages to be on top of the list. Thangka paintings are immensely beautiful and hard to find in any other place. 

These paintings are pure Buddhist art handmade on a flat cotton or silk canvas. The textile backing the Thangka is similar to Chinese scroll painting, while the front is in silk cover. 

The painting represents the Buddhist divinities, scenes, mandala, and patterns. This is a traditional painting that doesn’t have any frame. So, it can be easily rolled up and transported around the world. 

Thangka paintings are available in various mesmerizing colors that catch the eye of the beholder. It is delicate and lasts for a long time. These paintings should be kept in dry places so that the moisture does not affect the silk’s quality.

You can find these paintings in various sizes ranging from small to large. The price of Thangka painting is less expensive in Nepal. It can begin from 20 dollars to 10000 dollars depending upon how the item was produced.

Produced in two versions one is mass-produced and the other is the original which is one of a kind. Mass-produced ones cost less compared to the originals.

Yak Wool

himalayan yak wool shawl

Yak Wool is also known as Yak Fiber which is made from the coat hair of Yaks. Yaks are long-haired cow-like animals found in the mountains in the Himalayan region of Nepal. You can also find them in central Asia, the Tibetan plateau, and Mongolia. 

For centuries, the nomads in the Himalayas have been using these wools for clothing, tents, blankets, and many more. Nowadays, these wools are also being used in garment industries to produce mid to high priced clothes and accessories.

Yak wool is rich in myristic acid which keeps the wearer warm during the cold. It is incredibly comfortable, soft, flexible, and breathable to wear. The yak wool products are available in Thamel.

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You can buy various handmade souvenirs of yak wool such as hats, shawls, blankets, sweaters, slippers, etc. Buying big or small goods depends on how much space is left in your bag.

Singing Bowl

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 1

The standing bell is another name for the singing bowl. These bowls are found in the form of an inverted bell supported from below by the rim uppermost. These bowls are made from a bronze alloy which is a mixture of copper and tin.

For centuries, therapists, musicians, and health practitioners have been using the singing bowl for music and sound healing. Recently, these bowls are gaining popularity in the west as well.

The sound produced from these bowls helps create music and cure depression, anxiety, etc. It also helps clear negative energy present in homes and offices. You can use it for meditation and yoga practices as well.

Buying these bowls in Nepal is quite inexpensive compared to ordering it online. But the range varies depending on whether it is machine-made or handmade. To buy them, you can visit local markets in Thamel, Bouddha, and Asan.

This is one of the best Nepali handicraft souvenir you can choose to take back with you.


20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 2
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The Nepalese tea is made from the leaves of tea plants. And it is grown inside the country giving it distinctive aroma and taste. The tea is usually cultivated in hilly and high altitude areas.

Most of the tea is grown and harvested in the Ilam district. Other districts for tea production are Dhankuta, Kaski, Terhathum, Sindhupalchowk, and Panchthar. There are medium to large scale tea estates in these districts.

And the tea is supplied all over the country from this place. It is one of the favorite beverages of the locals. You can find tons of flavors such as herbal teas, green teas, etc.

Don’t forget to take back a pack of tea as a souvenir. Tea packets don’t take up much space in your luggage and it is a great way to relive the Nepali moments. Get lost in the soothing aroma and taste while sipping the tea from your cup.


20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 3
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The spices of Nepal have a unique taste to it. The spices are made using rare herbs that give a distinctive fragrance to it. You can feel and taste the herbs in every Nepalese Cuisine.

The price of spices is relatively low in Nepal. You can find amazing mixtures of masalas in the markets. Some masalas are Himalayan spices, garam masala, turmeric, saffron, fish masala, and many more.

While trolling around the local markets you can smell the aroma of the fresh spices. The markets are full of unique spices such as cinnamon sticks, cloves, anise, and many more.

Ason is one of the best places to buy various spices. You can find any kind of spices in this place. While buying spices always buy the ones with labels on it.

Tibetan Rugs

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 4

Tibetan Rugs are ancient and traditional crafts made from sheep’s wool. It has various purposes such as flooring, seating carpets, wall hanging, and horse saddles.

The knotting method of the Tibetan rugs is different from other rugs. Nepal has one of the largest rug making industries. This country has put its name on the map for making some of the world-class rugs.

During your visit, you can purchase and ship the rug back home. Patan has some of the best shops for carpets and rugs. The mesmerizing designs and colorful shades of colors they are available in will blow your mind. 

Pashmina / Cashmere

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 5

Pashmina is made from the animal hair of the Changthangi goat. You can find various accessories made from Pashmina such as a sweater, scarf, and many more in Nepal. These accessories are popular for their warmth and softness.

Nowadays, most of the pashmina fabric has a mixture of 70% pashmina and 30% silk. But still, it is soft and light in weight. These fabrics are firmly woven with an elegant shine that drapes pleasantly.

The streets of Kathmandu are full of pashmina shops. You can find these accessories ranging from 5 dollars to 200 dollars. It is the best Nepali handmade souvenir to bring back home for your friends and family.

Pashminas are suitable for any gender of any age. It is perfect to gift children, adults, or elderly people. You can find scarves fit for any season be it summer or winter.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags All 5 Sizes For Sale

Tibetan Prayer Flag is a colorful rectangular shaped cloth found hanging on the paths and peaks in the Himalayas. You can find these flags all around Nepal mainly in the monasteries, gompas, and homes of Buddhist followers.

People hang this flag to promote peace, strength, wisdom, and compassion. The flag has mantras written all over it. And the Tibetans believe that the wind blows the mantra and spreads it around bringing good fortune and blessings.

Each color on the flag holds a specific meaning but together they signify balance. Blue symbolizes the sky, white symbolizes the air, red symbolizes the fire, green symbolizes the water, and yellow symbolizes the earth.

Non-Buddhist followers can also hang this flag. You can hang this flag on the roof of your house to spread positive energy and goodwill. Prayer flags are made from material such as silk and cotton. 

The price can be more or less according to the length and materials. They don’t take much of your space so it is easy to carry back.

Prayer Wheel

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 6

Prayer wheels are the cylindrical shaped wheel that lies on an axle. It is made from stone, wood, metal, or coarse cotton. These are traditional wheels that have mantras written over it in the Newari language.

The most commonly used mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum. But other mantras are also written on these wheels. Spinning the wheels is similar to saying out the prayers aloud.

The wheel purifies negative energy and assembles wisdom and good karma. During your visit to Nepal, you will see many prayer wheels while trekking in the high Himalayas.

These wheels are also found in monasteries and gompas. There are various types of prayer wheels such as mani wheels, water wheels, fire wheels, and others. 

A portable version of the wheels is also found in the markets.

Mala Beads

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 7

Mala Beads are also known as Japamala which is a string of prayer beads used in a spiritual practice known as Japa. Usually, mala consists of 108 prayer beads. But there are additional beads for decoration or counting rounds. 

The beads help in keeping counts when reciting the mantra or names of the deity on repeat. These beads are often used by Hindu, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Shinto followers.

Mala Beads are usually made from the wood of the tulsi plants and seeds of the rudraksha tree. Tulsi wood is sacred for Vishnu followers, while rudraksha seed is sacred for Shiva followers.

The beads are also sold in various forms such as necklaces, bracelets, etc with 27 to 54 beads. You can find this mala commonly in the streets of Kathmandu. These prayer beads don’t take much of your packing space.

Gurkha Knives

khukuri kukri online

Khukuri is another name for Gurkha Knives that is similar to Machete. It has a unique recurve in the blade which can be used as a tool as well as a weapon. This knife is still the basic utility of the Gurkhas.

Gurkha Knives come in various shapes and sizes. They can be straight or highly curved. The handles are made from horns of water buffalo or hardwood. Nowadays, people also use these knives for decoration in their houses.

These knives are highly popular among male tourists. The outer case of the knives has an outstanding design to it. You can find the basic ones at a very reasonable price ranging from 15 dollars to 25 dollars.

Gurkha knives are usually found near the markets and streets of Basantapur. 

Wood Carving

nepali handmade token of love

Wood Carving is the art of carving shapes out of raw woods using knives or other tools. It is the process of shaving slivers in a piece of wood to make artistic creation.

For centuries, wood carving has been the pride of Nepal. And an important part of the traditional architecture. The Newari people were the ones to make it popular with the beautiful architecture during the “Golden Age”.

Still, the items made by the craftsman are astounding and eye-catching. They crave the woods using hands. These works of art come in various shapes and sizes.

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You can find wood carvings such as statues of deities, wooden doors, windows, sculptures, and many more. These items are made using some of the best Nepali woods that last for years. You can purchase small items or ship large items back home.

Pure Local Honey

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 8

You can buy honey from honey hunters as a souvenir for your friends and family. This will be a great gift to take back home. It has a pure taste to it. And considered one of the best honey in the world. 

Honey hunting is an old tradition of gathering honey from the colonies of wild bees in Nepal. The local honey hunters hang themselves from a cliff above 300 m. Then harvest the honeycomb using hemp ropes and a bamboo ladder. 

Hunters visit the colonies of wild bees twice a year to collect the honey. These honey are quite expensive but worth all the money. Finding original honey from honey hunters can be a bit difficult if you don’t visit reputable sellers.

Bed Linen

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 9

Bed linen as a souvenir? Well yes, you might find it weird but Nepal has various colorful design beddings great for a wall hanging. Also, the bright color pillowcases are eye-catching as well.

Bed Linen is also known as bedclothes used for covering the mattresses. You can find bedding in various sizes for any type of beds. They are light in weight and easy to fit in bags. These bedclothes are found at a very reasonable price in the markets here. 

But the price differs according to the quality and size of the beddings. You can find bedding made from various materials such as silk, cotton, Mix cotton, Poly Cotton, and many more.

Searching for bed linens is not a hard task here. If you set your foot in the markets you will find many shops selling these bedclothes. But selecting one could be. The eye-catching colorful designs might confuse you on which to choose. 

Brass Dining Ware

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 10

Bringing back Brass Dining Ware can be heavy and take much of your space. But these brass dining wares will mesmerize you with its beauty. They will make an awesome showcase in the kitchens.

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc which is a bit similar to bronze. It has a gold-like appearance to it making it quite a decorative piece. Traditionally, Nepalese people use brass plates and bowls to have their food.

Materials made from pure brass are non-toxic and have many health benefits. For eg, drinking water stored in brass vessels can increase strength and immunity.

Brass Dining Wares can be a bit expensive but it is worth the price you pay. These dining wares are handmade and found in various designs according to ethnic groups. This is one of the best Nepali handicraft souvenirs to take back home.


20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 11
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You might be thinking: Is T-shirts a great idea to take back as a gift? As you can find them back in your countries as well. And the answer is yes, it is a great souvenir to give your friends and family members.

The T-shirts found in Nepal for souvenirs are made from different materials. Like Hemp, bamboo, cotton, etc. These t-shirts are made in Nepal and are quality products. 

They have various sayings in them.  And some shops even customize these sayings according to your desire. Other than t-shirts, you can find much more clothing such as skirts, pants, hats, bags, etc in these markets.

They are inexpensive and found in various designs. You can find clothes suitable for any gender of any age.

Baghchal (Jumping Tiger Game)

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 12
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Have you ever heard of the Jumping Tiger Game? This game is also known as Bagh-Chal which originated in Nepal. This is a strategic board game suitable for two players.

In this game, one player controls the tiger while the other controls the goat. The tiger hunts the goat while the goats attempt to block the movement of the tiger. The game is somehow similar to the solitaire tree game.

You can find this game in wood or brass material. The price of wood is low compared to the brass. A great souvenir to gift people of any age. It will help people pass time during their free period. 

The Jumping tiger game is not seen in many countries making it unique. To buy them you can visit shops in Thamel and Asan.

Lokta Paper

Nepali Dhaka Lokta Paper Sheet

Lokta Paper is a handmade Nepalese paper produced from the inner barks of the evergreen shrubs found in high elevation. The paper is well known for its durability and resistance to insects, tearing, and humidity.

These are traditional papers mostly used to record important government documents. For centuries, people have used it to write manuscripts, Buddhist texts, and many more.

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But nowadays, people are using it in prayer flags, book bindings, wallpaper, origami, and others. To produce the paper, the bark is continuously cooked twice then washed a couple of times, and beaten by a wooden hammer. Then spread out to dry.

People are using these papers to make notebooks, lanterns, postcards to sell to the tourists. These papers have a soft and smooth feel to it.


20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 13
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For centuries, Nepal has been making some of the amazing handmade pottery. These are a great souvenir to give your loved ones. Pottery is the process of making products using clay and other ceramic materials.

The products are heated at a high temperature to make them hard and durable. Pottery goods are found to be used in the everyday life of Nepalese people. May it be storing water or holding candles. 

You can find various pottery products in Nepal suitable to gift your loved ones. Like incense holders, tea sets, sculptures, statues, and many more. They are found in various sizes, small to big.

To buy some of the best pottery goods, visiting Bhaktapur is the best choice. This city has many old pottery shops run by the local artisans. You can find many unique items that are not found in other places.

Traditional Jewelry

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs 14
Image Source

The traditional Nepalese jewelry is handmade and hugely admired by women from all over the nation. These jewelry are made from copper, silver, or gold and filled with different precious and semi-precious stones.

These jewelry are very attractive and beautiful at first look. Different forms of jewelry found in Nepal are necklaces, bracelets, foot jewelry, handcuffs, and many more.

The Nepalese women and girls make this jewelry. And Kathmandu is the main hub to shop for jewelry. You can find long beaded jewelry or intricate designs here.

We hope this article helped you learn more about the best Nepali handicrafts which are perfect for gifts. 

If you are interested in buying Nepali Handicrafts in wholesale or bulk then feel free to contact us. We are shipping worldwide from Nepal.

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