Top 10 Reasons Why Hemp Products Supports Slow Fashion

hemp products nepal support slow fashion

Hemp is fundamentally reshaping the future of textiles in terms of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Because of its convenience and durability, hemp is a favorite fabric among slow fashion enthusiasts. Because of its versatility, hemp fabric is easily referred to as the fabric of the future. Hemp clothing benefits are at the top of the […]

3 Useful Tips To Find Out Hemp Product Manufacturers in Nepal

hemp factory manufacturer nepal

Finding out the manufacturers or suppliers is a challenging and complex job for international sellers. So, the question arises that if you’re a buyer looking to import goods from Nepal, how will you find a reliable, consistent supplier? Where are you going to look for a supplier? When looking for a product in Nepal, how […]

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs

best nepali handicrafts

Are you visiting Nepal and wondering what souvenir to bring back home to your loved ones? Then our article on Best Nepali Handicrafts Souvenir will be a helpful one for you. When traveling places people expect souvenirs from that country.  And Nepal is a bio-diversified and culturally rich country full of amazing handicraft goods and […]

What Makes Full Moon Singing Bowl Special?

full moon singing bowl meaning

Singing bowls have become quite popular in the last few years. The busy life of people makes them more stressed and mentally worn out. There are many modern medicines to tackle stress. However, they all come with some terms and conditions applied.  The traditional methods of stress relief have always been known for their healing […]

6 Types of Hand-Knitted Woolen Cap for Men & Women

woolen cap

When it comes to woolen accessories, Nepal is quite popular around the globe. The accessories are well-known because they are handmade. The people of Nepal hand knit them using the finest wool to give it the astounding finish. During winter, woolen clothing and accessories are highly bought in the markets. Among various woolen things, the […]

How to Clean a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

how to clean a tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan Singing bowls are an integral part of Buddhist culture and tradition. They get played at various religious ceremonies, meditation practices, and during the call of prayers. However, these days singing bowls have become a trend of sorts and are incredibly popular.  Nowadays, these singing bowls and their calming sound are commonly used in music […]

10 Most Important Deities of Tibetan Buddhism

deities of tibetian buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism overwhelms first-timers with its various deities, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas. There are many deities in Tibetan Buddhism. So, we have listed the 10 most important deities of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is the dominant philosophy practice of Buddhism in Tibet. It is a form of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism that rose from the recent […]