How to Clean a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

how to clean a tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan Singing bowls are an integral part of Buddhist culture and tradition. They get played at various religious ceremonies, meditation practices, and during the call of prayers. However, these days singing bowls have become a trend of sorts and are incredibly popular.  Nowadays, these singing bowls and their calming sound are commonly used in music […]

10 Most Important Deities of Tibetan Buddhism

deities of tibetian buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism overwhelms first-timers with its various deities, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas. There are many deities in Tibetan Buddhism. So, we have listed the 10 most important deities of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is the dominant philosophy practice of Buddhism in Tibet. It is a form of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism that rose from the recent […]

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know

singing bowl cushion

Singing bowls have incredible healing and medicinal properties. Placing a soft cushion under your singing bowl while playing is quite beneficial. It ensures protection and adds extra security whether it is being played or not. A cushion underneath the singing bowl will help it stay put when struck with a mallet.  Playing your singing bowl […]

Top 5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using Singing Bowl

singing bowl benefits

Singing bowl produces incredible vibration and sound when played with a mallet or a striker. These beautiful Tibetan bowls have a significant place in spiritual and religious practices. Buddhist Monks have used these singing bowls in their prayers for thousands of years.  These ancient singing bowls are generally from Tibet, Nepal, and India. The actual […]

7 Types of Singing Bowl Chakras: Balancing Explained

singing bowl chakras

Chakras are the energy centers located in the midline in the human body. Singing bowls are generally used for Chakra balancing and energy healing. Chakras have specific associations with different musical notes and colors. The various Chakras correspond to a different life function.  The Chakra system reflects the level of vibration in your body. When […]

Singing Bowl for Beginners: The Complete Guide

singing bowl for beginners

Playing the Singing Bowl is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition that has incredible healing and medicinal properties. You might have already heard of these beautiful singing bowls if you are familiar with meditation and Buddhist tradition. These Tibetan singing bowls date back to ancient times. Some Tibetan singing bowls are more than 5000 years old. They […]

5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Right Singing Bowl

5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Right Singing Bowl 1

Instruments producing restful sounds have always helped calm down the mind and nerve. For that matter, Singing Bowls are music therapists that release stress with its resonating sound. The rich tone coming out of the bowl after gently tapping the mallet cleanse body and soul in no time.  The healing power of Singing Bowls was […]