A Complete Guide to Buy Hemp Backpack

hemp backpack nepal

Hemp backpack is the one that is made up of from the mixture hemp and cotton. The Hemp Backpack is usually handmade. These bags are made using natural and organic hemp which are extracted from the Himalayas of Nepal. In Nepal, hemp bags are sold in great number. Hemp backpacks are found in different colors […]

Top 12 Best Handicrafts Products To Buy in Nepal

handicrafts in nepal

Nepal has become a popular tourist destination, mostly due to the diverse adventures the destination offers. At the same time, it is not just the natural beauties that the place offers. Since Nepal is a country with diverse culture, there are different types of language, food, customs and arts and crafts you can find. If […]

6 Best Nepali Handicrafts Souvenirs to Buy

nepali handicrafts souvenirs

Nepali Handicrafts souvenirs can be found in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan or Lalitpur which are the three major cities in Nepal. Inside Kathmandu, Thamel is the major touristic area where you can purchase handcrafted souvenirs from Nepal. Likewise, you can visit in Durbar square area to buy a souvenir for your loved one.  If you are […]