Dhaka Topi: The Symbol of Nepalese Nationality

dhaka topi

ContentsBackground of Dhaka TopiHistory of Dhaka TopiDhaka Fabric and its originHistory of Bhadgaule TopiBhadgaunle Topi -Fabric and its OriginHistory of Palpali Dhaka TopiPalpali Topi and its Manufacture ProcessPurbeli Dhaka Topi – Nettle (allo) FabricCulture – Ritual & OccasionsPopularity and SignificanceDhaka Topi Size Chart and PriceOther Handmade Dhaka Products Buy Dhaka Topi Online Background of Dhaka […]

6 Best Nepali Handicrafts Souvenirs to Buy

nepali handicrafts souvenirs

Nepali Handicrafts souvenirs can be found in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan or Lalitpur which are the three major cities in Nepal. Inside Kathmandu, Thamel is the major touristic area where you can purchase handcrafted souvenirs from Nepal. Likewise, you can visit in Durbar square area to buy a souvenir for your loved one.  If you are […]