The Story of Dream Catcher

how to make a dream catcher

Dream, a series of continuous, emotional and vivid experiences that contain themes, concerns, dream figures, and objects that correspond closely to waking life. Dreams can have numerous emotions in debt to it. They can be happy, devastating, adventurous, fun, bizarre and many more. Did you know, between these good and bad dreams, there’s a talisman […]

How to Hang Prayer Flags?

how to hang prayer flags

ContentsBackground of the Prayer FlagsHistory of the Prayer FlagsColor and order of the Prayer FlagsSymbol and Images in the Prayer FlagsStyles of Prayer FlagsrLung rtaDarchogHow to Hang the Prayer FlagsFeelings IndoorsAuspicious Time to Hang Prayer FlagsInauspicious Time to Hang Prayer FlagsDisposing of the Prayer FlagsBurning Natural ProcessBringing the Prayer Flags DownConclusion Background of the Prayer […]

Dhaka Topi: The Symbol of Nepalese Nationality

dhaka topi

ContentsBackground of Dhaka TopiHistory of Dhaka TopiDhaka Fabric and its originHistory of Bhadgaule TopiBhadgaunle Topi – Fabric and its OriginHistory of Palpali Dhaka TopiPalpali Topi and its Manufacture ProcessPurbeli Dhaka Topi – Nettle (allo) FabricCulture – Ritual & OccasionsPopularity and SignificanceDhaka Topi Size Chart and PriceOther Handmade Dhaka Products Buy Dhaka Topi Online Background of […]