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How to Clean a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

how to clean a tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan Singing bowls are an integral part of Buddhist culture and tradition. They get played at various religious ceremonies, meditation practices, and during the call of prayers. However, these days singing bowls have become a trend of sorts and are incredibly popular.  Nowadays, these singing bowls and their calming sound are commonly used in music […]

Things To Know Before Shipping Goods From Nepal

Things To Know Before Shipping Goods From Nepal 1

Nepal is the hub for more than 20 different handicraft products mainly the pashmina products, woolen goods, silver jewelry, Nepalese handmade paper and paper products, metal craft, woodcraft, cotton goods, etc. are being exported to about 85 countries. The USA which alone absorbs around 25% of the total export of handicraft products and then comes […]

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