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Dakpa Tamdin Incense is handmade, 100% vegan, and manufactured as per centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist formulation. It contains medicinal herbs and spices from different regions of Nepal.

Dakpa Tamdin was given the Jinlab Phabta by his Holiness the second Dudjom Rinpoche to be mixed with initial ingredients. This has been passed down to every batch of incense we make to this day.

Length of Stick: 24.5 cm 

No. of Sticks: Approx. 25 pcs

Each Box Net Weight: 0.500 kg 

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Dakpa Tamdin Incense gift pack comes with four varieties which are explained below:

Shingkham Kuenkhyap

Shingkham Kuenkhyap Incense Wholesale Nepal

Shingkham means the world of the Lord Buddha. Kuen means everywhere and Khyap means to spread. This incense contains all the requisite herbs and substances required to worship and please Gyalwa Rignga’s Shing Kham. By offering this incense, we get the blessing of worshipping the Buddhas.


Sambara Incense Wholesale Nepal

This incense was among the first kinds to be produced. It contains all basic herbal ingredients which have been used for centuries in Tibet. In the Buddhist scriptures “Dho Tharpa” it is mentioned that Gyajin (Indra) offered the aromatic incense Sambara Dukpoe to the Buddha himself. From this early evidence, we incur the importance of incense in Buddhism.

Minling Surpoe Incense Wholesale Nepal

This incense contains all the ingredients of the old surpoe of a Nyingmapa monastery in Tibet called Mindrolling. It gives peace of mind to the person using it. This is mainly used for kingkhors (mandalas) as it contains all the substances and herbs permitted in kingkhors, big and small.

Ribo Sangtsoe

Ribo Sangtsoe Incense Wholesale Nepal

It means mountain smoke offering. This incense can be used to cleanse and purify our minds of all impurities, misgivings, stress, and be filled with satisfaction and happiness of this life and the next. Along with prayer and meditation, it is also used while raising prayer flags (lungtha).

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