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Hemp Backpack Nepal

Hemp Backpacks in Nepal uses natural hemp yarns and fabrics extracted from the Himalayan regions of Nepal. These bags use cannabis plants for their manufacture which are usually handmade.


Hemp Backpacks are the most popular ones in Nepal as it can be found in different shapes, sizes, and colors. School Hemp Backpack, laptop hemp backpack, and travel hemp backpack are sold an insignificant number in Nepal. Such bags are durable and light which is comfortable to carry.

Nepali Hemp Backpacks are pure and organic and are one of the best you can find in the market. Handicrafts in Nepal is a leading handicraft company that sells hemp backpacks at both wholesale and retail prices. If you want to get yourself a hemp backpack, you either contact us or go to our website for online purchases.

We also have the facility of customizing your bags according to the size and colors you choose. We sell a large number of Nepali hemp backpacks worldwide too.

Process of Making Nepali Hemp Backpacks

Nepali Hemp Backpacks are made from the Himalayan hemp yarns and fabrics which are collected by villagers. The fiber comes from the cannabis plants that grow at a height of 20 feet tall. First of all, the stems are soaked in water and then separated from the plant and boiled in ash water.

Separating the stems in thin layers, the process of making pure organic Himalayan hemp backpack starts. The raw materials for making the bags are mostly collected from Bajura, Rolpa, and Bajhang.

The final preparation of hemp bags is done in a factory by a large number of workers. The bag weighs around 600 grams, and it is made sure that they are durable and comfortable to carry. In recent years, the bag uses advanced machines to get manufactured in bulks.   

We Supply Hemp Backpack in Wholesale and Retail

We, Handicrafts in Nepal have been selling Himalayan Hemp backpacks for the past few years. We export these bags internationally ensuring durability and promoting handmade Nepali products. We have skilled and hardworking workers for making the hemp backpack in our own factory.

Our factory has a capacity of producing around 3000 hemp backpacks in a month. We have been selling this product in both retail and wholesale rates. We have a decent number of customers purchasing the bags for both retail and wholesale prices.

Many customers have been buying hemp backpacks at wholesale rates. There are a lot of benefits of purchasing the bags at wholesale prices. But, you will have to purchase it in bulk, a minimum of 50 pieces. So if you own a store, it would be better to purchase the bags in wholesale rates.

The retail price of the hemp backpacks is quite affordable too. The price varies according to the style and sizes of the backpacks. Usually, the cost of a hemp backpack ranges between 8 dollars to 25 dollars.

So, there are a variety of bag options you will have if you are willing to purchase them in bulks. We can supply you with the products at the wholesale rates to your destination.

Himalayan Hemp Backpacks are the Best

Himalayan hemp backpacks are popular for its durability as the bag uses strong fibers when making. The fibers used in the process of making the bags make it last for years. Himalayan Hemp backpacks maintain its shape and size even after several washes and don’t stretch.

Nepali hemp backpacks become soft and comfortable with a few wash and use. Himalayan hemp backpacks use pure and organic raw materials which makes the bag lightweight and comfortable to carry. You can carry anything that gets fit inside the bag without feeling the pressure on your back.

As the product is handmade, it can last for years if handled with care. Nepali hemp backpacks are very attractive to look at too. The hemp used in the bag gives it a different style and outlook.

Hemp backpacks made in Nepal are easily washable too. You do not need any methods or machines to clean. You can just soak the bags by keeping it in hot water before you wash it. It would be better if you could add some vinegar when soaking it. Do not use dishwashing detergent powder as they may contain active chemicals and can damage the bag too.

No expensive washing machines are required for its washing purpose. You can simply use your hands to wash them and rinse them properly.

Types of organic Himalayan Hemp Backpack

We manufacture different types of pure Himalayan hemp backpack. There are different types of backpacks such as Hiking Hemp Backpack, Laptop Hemp Backpack, and Hippie Hemp backpack.

Hiking Hemp backpack is mostly designed for trekkers or hikers. Such bags are durable, lightweight, and easy to carry making you comfortable when trekking. So, as the bags are made for trekking purposes, it is sold in a great number among various tourists.

Laptop Hemp Backpack is made from 100% natural hemp from the Himalayas of Nepal. You can find several separate compartments inside the bag for keeping your laptop safe. The bag comes with lightweight and durability.

Hippie hemp backpacks are mostly preferred by school students as this bag comes with vibrant colors catching the eyes of the children. It comes with separate comparts for the water bottle, lunch box, and various other small pockets.

Are you Interested to use Hemp Backpack from Nepal?

Organic Himalayan Hemp Backpack is very versatile and unique to look at. At the same time, Nepali Hemp bag uses natural fibers which are eco-friendly ensuring users comfortability and lightweight.

The use of the Organic Nepali hemp backpack has been increasing day by day. Many tourists purchase this bag as it is locally handmade and provides efficiency. The bags come with different shapes, styles, and colors that look very attractive when you carry.

Handicrafts in Nepal is an online company that has been serving its customers providing handmade products in Nepal. If you wish to purchase a natural handmade Himalayan hemp backpack, you can give us your orders on our website, Handicrafts in Nepal.

The following are some of the best Organic Himalayan Hemp Backpack available in Handicrafts in Nepal.