Pashmina in Nepal: A Complete Buying Guide

buying pashmina in nepal

Are you confused whether to buy Pashmina in Nepal? How to check if its 100% Pashmina or not? What are its standard size? How do you wash Pashmina? If you are thinking the same then you are at right place.

Today, we will be talking about basic 4 things to know before Buying Pashmina in Nepal.

What is a Pashmina?

Pashmina is the special natural fiber extracted from the wool of Mountain Goat or Chyangra. Products made out from Pashmina wool are softest in touch. The word Pashmina is originated from the animal named Chyangra (Capra Hircus).

This animal lives at an altitude of 1000m or more from above sea level which is low in temperature. After seven or eight months, their soft fibers are trimmed from the underbelly wool. Later, that fiber is processed and knitted into fashionable products named Pashmina.

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Generally, the final products made from wool are thin. Hence, it’s also called “Ring Pashmina.”

Buying Pashmina in Nepal: 4 Things To Know 

1. What is the size of Pashmina and How much does it weight? 

The size and weight of Pashmina Shawls: 

  • Size: 80 in x 28 in
  • Weight: 0.16 Kg per pcs

The size and weight of Pashmina Scarves: 

  • Size: 72 in x 14 in
  • Weight: 0.067 Kg per pcs

The size and weight of Pashmina Blankets:

  • Size: 104 in x 56 in,
  • Weight: 0.65 Kg per pcs

2. How to check original Pashmina Shawl?

The major process like spinning and looming a Pashmina fabric are completely done by hand. Due to this, the finished Pashmina produts’ have a non-twisted and loose fringes at the end. Follow the steps to check whether its 100% original Pashmina or not:

  • Find out the length and width (if anybody sales larger length and width at a cheaper price then it’s time to re-think)
  • Check out the strands of fabric woven together or simply ply (more ply makes the fabric thicker)
  • Look for natural or irrelevant weave (original pashmina is made by hand so the weave is different from one another)
  • Perform Rubbing test to check whether its acrylic or polyester fabrics (if yes, then it will generate static electricity)
  • Look out the label and check whether its glued or not (in original pashmina we can’t attach a label with glue instead they are attached by thread)

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3. What are the different types of Pashmina?

The different types of Pashmina are:

  • 100% Pashmina (Grade A)
  • 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk blended Pashmina (Grade B)
  • 50% Pashmina and 50% Silk blended Pashmina (Grade C)

Grade A type of pashmina is without any mix of silk. Grade B pashminas are a mixture or blend of 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk. Whereas, Grade C quality pashmina is the blend of 50% Pashmina and 50% silk. The higher the grade means higher the price of pashmina. In terms of weight, Grade A pashmina is much lighter in weight compared to both grade A and B. It totally depends on the consumer needs, of what pashminas are actually eligible for buying a Pashmina in Nepal.

4. How do you wash a Pashmina? 

If you check out the label of Pashmina, it is written that it’s only possible for dry clean. Apart from that, you can also wash pashmina in lukewarm water or mild hair shampoo by hand. But, dry clean will be the recommended method for washing a Pashmina. After washing, do not iron directly. Take this article as a shopping guide for buying Pashmina in Nepal.

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