Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka (Master & Pure Gold)


This Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka depicts the story of Lord Buddha and his Buddhist Philosophy. There is a belief that Siddhartha Gautam was born around 420 BC and spent his entire life teaching 3 jewels of Buddhism (Dharma, Sanga, and Buddha).

It is said that the “Dharma” or Spiritual belief, and the “Sanga” or Buddhist community ensure his existence on earth. Every “Kalpa” (Buddhist eon) in the Buddhist religion is said to have its own Buddha, whose teachings are slowly forgotten before the next Buddha comes. You can learn more about it in the Life of Buddha Thangka.

Let’s try to understand the 5 important Hand Posture (Mudra) of Lord Buddha which can be seen in the upper part of the first thangka. Bhumisparsha Mudra (Touching the Earth or Asking the earth to witness), Dhyana Mudra (Meditation for enlightenment), Abhaya Mudra (Gesture of Fearlessness), Varada Mudra (Compassion & Charity) and Karana Mudra (Ward Evil and get rid off the demons and the Negative Energy).

The main picture of Buddha explains the Bhumisparsha Mudra which means calling the Earth to Witness and made enlightenment under Bodhi Tree. The two Bodhisattva standing at the sides: Shariputra at the left and Maudgalyayana at the right, both holding a bowl of begging and a staff of “khakkhara.”

The background is composed of a beautiful landscape decorated with clouds, mountains, rivers and colorful flowers and other natural elements.

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