Handicrafts in Nepal believes in quality and competitive services for our customers to help to choose the right shipper based on the availability of time and its value. Hence we offer faster and hassle-free home delivery courier service to time-consuming land-sea shipping service to choose:

Home Delivery Courier Service

Air courier shipping services are considered as convenient and faster service. It is recommended for the orders to be delivered at your doorstep in 4 to 6 business days after it is dispatched.

Handicrafts in Nepal work with reliable shipping companies UPS, FedEx, DHL and ARAMEX for fast and easy home delivery services. The shipping is comparatively expensive from Nepal as it is very far from the western countries and only a few airlines are operating their flights.

But the air courier companies offer cheaper rates for a bigger size for 25 kg or more weight ranging from US$ 7 to $14 per kilo (depends on the volume and the destination). The courier companies will act as a customs agent to release the goods and deliver the packets at your home without extra charge for their own services.

But the destination custom duties that apply on the orders will be reimbursed later from the customer at the orders delivery time.

Air Cargo Shipment Service

Shipping by air cargo is the most common and practical way of receiving your orders on time and cost-effective. This service is recommended for the orders of 100 kg or more weight. The consignment can be available at the destination custom to release in a week to 10 days. Air cargo delivers the orders only in the specified airports; destination custom handling and local transport need to be arranged by the customer or their handling agent.

Sea Cargo Shipment Service

Nepal is a landlocked country and does not have a direct seaport. We transport the goods to Calcutta port (India) by land and then will be loaded in a ship to the destination. This is the cheaper means of transporting the order from Nepal but takes a very long delivery duration (average 45-60 days).

If you are planning to place an order for next year then you can think of Land-Sea shipment. The shipping cost can be less than $2 per kilo for the orders of 1-ton plus). The order should be collected from the nearest seaport appointing handling agents or on your own.


For Sample Order

After placing a sample order (1 to 25 quantities), it will take you to the order check-out page, where you need to pay the full amount by PayPal or via entering Visa or MasterCard information. Payment through card will be processed by a secure system.

For Wholesale Order

In contrast to bulk or wholesale orders (100 and more quantities), you will know the total cost in the check-out phase which is a proforma invoice that includes the total cost for goods only. We want you to deposit 50% of the total amount in our bank account.

Later, we will calculate the shipping cost providing the details like weight and tracking number after you have finalized the quantities and forwarded to your email. The remaining 50% amount must be sent after the production of goods which will include the shipping cost. So, in total, you have to make two payments for wholesale order.

On the basis of the total amount you paid via Bank Transfer, we will make required shipping documents such as AWB Bill, APC Certificate, Customs Invoice, and Packing List.

Bank Details

Bank Name: Nabil Bank Ltd.
Swift Code: NARBNPKA
Bank Address: Thamel, Katmandu, Nepal
Tel: (977 ) 9841046534
Beneficiary Name: Kedar Craft
Beneficiary Account number: 3301017500756

Note: Your order shall leave for shipment unless and until we receive the payment. Also, the customer should pay the internal bank transfer charges by themselves.