10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know

singing bowl cushion

Singing bowls have incredible healing and medicinal properties. Placing a soft cushion under your singing bowl while playing is quite beneficial. It ensures protection and adds extra security whether it is being played or not. A cushion underneath the singing bowl will help it stay put when struck with a mallet. 

Playing your singing bowl with a cushion also produces a better quality of sound. All bowls produce unique sounds but the surface on which the singing bowl gets placed can affect its sound too. A hard surface will create a dull tone by dampening the sound. Hence, a softer surface like a cushion is ideal for singing bowls.

Moreover, larger singing bowls require cushions as they are harder to handle and play. Using a cushion makes the singing bowl more accessible and helps it produce even tones. Read further for the detailed description of the different kinds of singing bowl cushions and other relevant details. By the end of this article, you’ll know why to use these singing bowl cushions and which one is perfect for you. 

Why Should You Use a Singing Bowl Cushion?

Singing bowls are generally held in bare hands traditionally. But there are certain benefits of placing a cushion under your singing bowl. When not used, a cushion provides protection and ambiance. They also prevent any scratches or dents in case of any bumps or accidents. 

Moreover, a cushion also provides stability and would prevent a fall. This way the bowls remain in excellent shape and last a long time. A beautiful cushion is a great mood setter and provides ambiance in sound therapy, meditation, sound baths, or yoga classes.

Furthermore, cushion surfaces help to retain the unique sounds of the singing bowls. You can also use cushions to place large and hard to handle singing bowls safely. Overall, a well made cushion helps to get the best out of the singing bowls.

Singing Bowl Cushions and Their Types

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 1
Singing Bowl Cushion Types

There are various types of singing bowls or mallets in the market. Similarly, there are different types of singing bowl accessories as well. From square silk cushions, to brocade rings, to embroidered or felt pads, there are lots of varieties of cushions that you can place under a singing bowl. 

Square Cushion

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 2

A square cushion is often large, thick, and more detailed. Square cushions are generally made from silk or brocade fabric. They include a button in the center and four tassels at the corners. The thickness gets raised to the height of your singing bowl and that provides excellent ambiance to a sound therapy session.

Furthermore, you should pick a size that corresponds to the diameter of your bowl. Generally, you should not use a square cushion smaller than your bowl. You should ensure that your bowl nestles into the indentation in the center of the cushion. This gives the singing bowl stability and it will not move when played.

Singing Bowl Pads

Singing bowl pads come in a variety of sizes and fabrics to correspond with the singing bowl’s size. A smaller bowl should have a smaller pad whereas a larger bowl must have a larger sized pad. However, the thickness of these pads should remain the same at less than one centimeter.

Moreover, these pads come embroidered with Tibetan or Buddhist symbols and are generally covered in rich, brocaded silk fabric. They prevent singing bowls from getting scratches or dents and help provide a fuller tone. Singing bowl pads are affordable yet stylish.

Ring Cushion

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 4

Ring cushions are arguably the most functional of all the cushions. Ring cushions have a space in the middle that is enough to fit your singing bowl. They are usually made from silk or brocade fabric. Getting the correct sized cushion is very important. If the cushion has a diameter larger than that of your bowl, it will sink into the ring and have a dampened sound. 

On the other hand, a small diameter cushion makes the singing bowl unstable and it falls off when struck. On an average, the cushion must have around 85% of the diameter of the bowl. A perfect ring cushion will give you a better sound quality and keeps you safe from accidents. 

Round Turban Cushion

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 5

Round turban cushions are quite thick like the square cushions. In sound therapy sessions, round turban cushions get used to nestle the singing bowl near the body. The bowl can get placed in thighs, knees, arms, feet, and body using a round turban cushion. These cushions must have the same diameter as the bowl. Overall, the Round Turban Cushion provides great stability to the singing bowl.

Temple or Cover Cloth

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 6
Source: Spiru Shop

Temple or cover cloths are customary for Tibetan singing bowls. Singing bowls get placed on an altar cloth in Buddhist monasteries. An altar or cover cloth provides quality sound as well as traditional ambiance. 

However, the thin cloth does not provide protection or height. Covering the singing bowls with an altar or cover cloth prevents it from getting scratches and being covered in dust.

Felt Cushion

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 7
Source: Mahaguthi

Felt cushions are simplistic and the most preferred cushion of many Nepalese Buddhists. They have been traditionally used with singing bowls, and provide a steady surface, and clear, full sound. These felt cushions are hand-felted locally in the villages.

Moreover, the felt cushions might not be luxurious, but they provide form, and shape that best fits your bowl. They are a highly recommended and traditional choice among many singing bowl sellers. 

Wooden Stand

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 8
Source: Esoteric Stuff

Wooden stands, unlike other stands, and cushions mentioned above are only recommended for the display of your singing bowl. They do not provide necessary security and stability while the singing bowl is being played. You can decide the size of the stand based on your desire and requirements.

Tibetan Wool Mat

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 9

Tibetan Wool Mats are generally flat and made from wool. They provide an amazing resonance when placed under a singing bowl. Each mat gets handmade with care and unique artistry. It provides incredible functionality and makes for an excellent showcase.

Rubber Rings

Rubber rings provide protection and safety while playing your bowl. They look similar to the donut-shaped ring cushion and work best with crystal singing bowls. An ideal rubber ring will prevent the singing bowl from slipping around. They are slim in design and require a sturdy, flat surface.

Ultra Grip Handle Tool

10 Types of Singing Bowl Cushion You Should Know 11
Source: Sacred Sound Shop

This Ultra Grip Handle Tool is a modern device that uses suction to attach itself to the base of the singing bowl. The Ultra Grip is ideal if you move the singing bowls around a patient in sound therapy. You should make sure that the bowl’s vibration or sound is not distorted while playing.

The Final Say

Singing bowl cushions should be functional as well as beautiful. These elegant cushions give the singing bowls proper protection, stability, and safety. They also provide incredible ambiance and beauty to a professional sound therapy session. We hope this article has helped you in finding the best singing bowl cushions that meet your desire and requirements.

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