Singing Bowl

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Singing Bowl is a type of musical instrument that makes soothing sounds through vibration. The vibration in this special bowl is produced by rubbing or striking the outer part with a mallet.

The word interchangeably uses with Healing bowl, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Meditation bowl, Sound bowl, Himalayan Singing Bowl, Buddhist Singing Bowl, Tibetan Bell, and Prayer Bowl.

History of Singing Bowl

Most of the ancient singing bowls are from Tibet, Nepal, and India. The history of singing bowls remains unclear due to the Chinese invasion of Tibet. However, locals believe that the origin of the singing bowls dates back to the Shakyamuni Buddha (560-480 BCE). Read More! 

9 Types of Singing Bowl

Thadobati Singing Bowl, Jambati Singing Bowl, Ultabati Singing Bowl, Naga or Pedestal Singing Bowl, Mani Singing Bowl, Lingam Singing Bowl, Manipuri Singing Bowl, Remuna Singing Bowl and Crystal Singing Bowl

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Singing Bowl Materials

The typical bowls in Nepal are constructed from as many as seven materials such as Copper, Lead, Tin, Iron, Zinc, Silver, and Gold.

5 Steps To Think Before Choosing a Singing Bowl

Size and Sound, Value for Price, Authenticity, Conscience and Density & Diameter

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How to Play a Singing Bowl?

Are you wondering how you can achieve the best technique of playing the singing bowls? Well, there are several ways to play the singing bowl that ranges from beginner to advanced.

For beginners, the two basic ways to play a singing bowl are striking and rimming. Some advanced techniques like the “Wah Wah” method or singing bowl with water are difficult for beginners. You will need a singing bowl and a mallet or striker along with a resting spot to play the singing bowl.

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7 Types of Singing Bowl Chakras or Notes

Root Chakra: C Note, Sacral Chakra: D Note, Solar Plexus Chakra: E Note, Heart Chakra: F Note, Throat Chakra: G Note, Third Eye, Chakra: A Note, Crown Chakra: B Note

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Benefits of the Singing Bowl

Some of the benefits of using a singing bowl are Relaxation and Clarity of the mind, Cleansing of the Chakra, Reduces the pain caused by cancer treatment, Reduces stress and anxiety, Helps in anger management, Increase blood flow in the body, Improve the immune system of the body, Helps to enhance sleep patterns and Remove negative energy from your home or office.

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