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50 units (Min. Order)

This Tibetan prayer flag comes in a 5 roll set a total of approximately 50 flags. Each set of rolls has 5 different colors – Blue symbolizes sky and space, White for air and wind, Red for fire, Green as water, and finally Yellow as the earth.

It is made up of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. There are 5 different sizes available for sale:

  • Extra Small (XS): 4  x 4 inch of packet (Each roll is approx. 7 feet long)
  • Small (S): 6 x 6 inch of packet (Each roll is approx. 13 feet long)
  • Medium (M): 7 x 7 inch of packet  (Each roll is approx. 17 feet long)
  • Large (L): 10 x 8 inch of packet  (Each roll is approx. 23 feet long)
  • Extra Large (XL): 12 x 10 inch of packet (Each roll is approx. 26 feet long)

Prayer flags are the symbol of good luck and peace. So, you can hang it outdoor as well as indoor.

We recommend you to read this article about Tibetan Prayer Flags: How to Hang Prayer Flags?

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We have an option to ship the goods to your doorstep or nearest airport via air in 10-12 business days. Upon request, we can ship the goods using express service from FedEx in 5-7 Days.

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