A Complete Guide to Buy Hemp Backpack

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Hemp backpack is the one that is made up of from the mixture hemp and cotton. The Hemp Backpack is usually handmade. These bags are made using natural and organic hemp which are extracted from the Himalayas of Nepal.

In Nepal, hemp bags are sold in great numbers. Hemp backpacks are found in different colors and sizes. The most popular ones are school hemp backpack, laptop hemp backpack, and travel hemp backpacks. In this modern era, hemp backpacks are very popular, especially among young people.

Almost everyone uses a backpack on a daily basis for carrying their valuable items. Backpacks are also popular among trekkers. They carry large backpacks with them as they leave for trekking.

How Hemp Backpacks are made?

Hemp Backpacks are usually made up of strong and durable natural hemp yarns. The fiber is extracted from the cannabis plant that grows at a height of 20 feet tall. The stems of the plant are soaked in water for twenty days. And then the stems are separated from the plant and are boiled in ash water.

The stem is then separated in thin layers and hemp backpacks are made. The cannabis plant is usually found in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Raw materials of Hemp Backpacks are collected from the western part of Nepal, mainly from state 6 and 7, namely Bajura, Bajhang, and Rolpa. Hemp backpacks are usually handmade due to which the cost is a bit expensive.

The villagers process the raw material and make it ready for stitching, so the bags are made by workers in a factory. The designs and colors of the bag are customizable according to your choice. Each hemp bag weighs around 600 grams.

The size of the bag ranges according to the type of bag you choose. The process of making Hemp Backpacks are laborious and time-consuming. But nowadays, there are feasible machines to prepare hemp backpacks in bulk.

Are Hemp Bags Legal?

Hemp Backpack is a bag that is more environmentally cautious and friendly. These are made up of locally available resources in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The bags are made up of a cannabis plant found in Nepal. The smoking cannabis plant is illegal in Nepal but the making of bags from the cannabis plant is legal in Nepal.

Many people in Nepal sustain their living by making hemp products such as hemp bags, hemp hats, hemp purses and many more. So, hemp bags are legal in Nepal. The farmers do not grow hemp because it is illegal. The plant is very rare and fewer people are utilizing the available hemp for making various products.

Are Hemp Bags Durable?

Hemp fibers are one of the strongest fibers ever found. These fibers are also known for their strength and durability. The products made from this fiber will last for years. The materials that are made from hemp also doesn’t stretch. It maintains its shape and size. The more use of hemp makes the product even softer. The more you use, the better it gets. Bags that are made from hemp fibers are stronger, durable and long lasting than any other products.

The products that are made from hemp gives a different style and outlook that are fancy to look at. The use of Hemp products is increasing these days. They are especially popular among students and tourists. The tourists find such handmade and handicrafts very amusing. They purchase hemp backpacks which will be very useful for trekking. 

How to wash Hemp Bags?

Most of the hemp bags does not shrink after washing. You do not need to give your hemp bags for laundry. The bags can easily be hand-washed in the home using organic soap or detergent powder. Do not use dishwashing detergent power as it may contain some chemical not suitable for the hemp bags. Some of the tips for washing Hemp Bags are as follows:

  • Slowly soak the hemp bag in a hot water for 15 minutes.
  • You can also soak the bag in vinegar if possible.
  • Rinse well by hand and wash the bag using organic soap or a detergent powder.
  • Dry the hemp bag for a few hours. Remember, the bag dries very quickly.
  • Do not use any washing machines for hemp bags that you use for other washing materials.

Hemp Bags Wholesale

You can find many hemp goods dealers and exporters these days, especially around Kathmandu Valley. Many shops sell such hemp items in great number.

We (Handicrafts in Nepal) have the capacity of producing around 3000 hemp backpacks per month in our factory.  We can find various shops around the alleys of Thamel, Basantapur, Patan, and Bhaktapur that sells hemp bags in wholesale rates.

There is also some facility of exporting these hemp bags if you need. The cost of the hemp backpack ranges from USD 8 to USD 15 according to the style, color, and size you choose.

If you wish to buy a hemp backpack, then we are glad to tell you that we also make the bags according to your choice and color. We can even add some name tags or any extra design if you want. The price of the bag is always negotiable if you purchase in bulk (minimum 50pcs).

Different types of Hemp Backpack 

Hiking Hemp Backpack

Hemp Hiking Backpack

Hemp Hiking Backpack is made using natural fibers from the cannabis plant. The bag uses all the organic materials for its preparation. Hiking Hemp Bags are most popular among tourists that visit Nepal for hiking or trekking. All the necessary trekking materials can be kept inside the bags.

The hemp bags consists of various small pockets and compartments where you can keep your necessary items in an organized way. The bag also consists of two water bottle pockets where you can keep your water bottles. The cost of the bag is around US$15.

Laptop Hemp Backpack

Hemp Laptop Backpack

The laptop Hemp Backpack backpack is made from 100% Himalayan hemp. This bag is easy and comfortable to use. This type of backpack is designed in a way where your laptop fits perfectly. There are separate laptop compartments to keep your laptop safe.

The cost of the Laptop Hemp Backpack is 20 dollars. The cost varies according to size and designs.

If you wish, you can also customize your designs and styles. The prices of the bags are also customizable if you purchase them in more quantity. The Laptop hemp backpack is lightweight and durable.

Hippie Hemp Backpack

Hippie Hemp Backpack

Hippie Hemp Backpacks are found in different styles and colors. The vibrant colors and stripes in the bag attract the eyes of many children. This bag is also easy to wash. These types of backpacks are exported worldwide on a daily basis. The cost of a Hippie Hemp Backpack is 15 dollars.


Hemp Backpack is one of the most stylish and durable bags found in Nepal. Hemp bags are eco-friendly, sustainable, and versatile. Nepal has a lot of potential for hemp business.

So, hemp products such as hemp bags, hats, purse, and even clothes are very useful in your day to day activities. Hemp bags are comfortable to carry and good to look at. It has different styles that make the bag a unique one.

If you wish to buy hemp bags or any hemp products from Nepal, we can help you. You can give your orders if you want hemp bags in large quantities at wholesale rates. We can also customize the designs, shapes, and sizes if you want.

Where to buy Hemp Backpacks?

Handicraft in Nepal does have an online store, you can go through the following link and place an order.

If you have any queries regarding hemp products, contact us. We are there to solve your confusion.  

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