Himalayan Herbal Incense Sticks


Himalayan Herbal Incense sticks combine around 100 medicinal and aromatic plants from the Himalayas. This high-quality incense has been composed according to an ancient Tibetan medicine making process by using an natural herbs mineral, holy water, and holy soil. It contains various natural substances like spikenard (pangpoi), juniper (shukpa), nutmeg, saffron, bezor, cardamom, and many more.

It can be offered to: 

  • Zambala – the lord of wealth and prosperity,
  • Padmasambhava – the precious teacher,
  • Green Tara – the deity of wealth, compassion, and wish fulfillment,
  • Medicine Buddha – the supreme healer
  • White Tara – the mother of all Buddhas

Each Stick Length: Approx. 20 cm

Net Weight: Approx. 70 gm

MOQ: 100 pcs (20 Packets) 

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