5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Right Singing Bowl

5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Right Singing Bowl 1

Instruments producing restful sounds have always helped calm down the mind and nerve. For that matter, Singing Bowls are music therapists that release stress with its resonating sound. The rich tone coming out of the bowl after gently tapping the mallet cleanse body and soul in no time. 

The healing power of Singing Bowls was a little secret of Buddhists until people of non-religion gave it a try. These days, many people turn over the metallic bowl so that its reposeful sound works as a medicine. 


Although it’s named after Tibet, singing bowls were originally developed in China. They were implied for chanting, and meditation by Buddhists until commercialization took over the bowls. Staple to Tibetan culture, singing bowls are made with a mixture of metals.

The typical bowls in Nepal are constructed from as many as seven materials such as Copper, Lead, Tin, Iron, Zinc, Silver, and Gold. They are available in every shape and size engraved with symbols and chants. 

Now it comes down on how to choose singing bowl which is not that difficult as people think. Don’t make it too complicated for yourself and just follow the sound and richness in tone. Make sure that the soft tune created by the bowls has the quality of mitigating stress. 

In Nepal, you can find the top-quality singing bowls at an affordable price in the streets of Thamel. Often known as a prayer bowl in Buddhist commune, you can also get the finest singing bowl in Boudhanath. The streets and shops near Buddhist monasteries are uplifted with the tranquilizing hum of Singing Bowl.

Lastly, if you want to embrace Tibetan culture then start playing the Singing Bowls from today. You can also learn it to reduce stress and instill harmony and peace. 

What are Singing Bowls? Are there any benefits?

5 Things to Know Before Choosing a Right Singing Bowl 2
Singing Bowls in different colors and sizes : Source

They may look like decorative items for shelves from far and wide. But Singing Bowls are much more than the standard metal bowls used as a period piece. They have clinically proven multi-purpose ranging from relaxation to stress relief and improvement in blood circulation. 

In Northeast Asia, singing bowls have been used for centuries by Buddhist monks to purify negative energy. They also applied it to religious practice and meditation for many years and now it’s widespread. 

Although it came to application before time, singing bowls today are well-crafted. Most of them have antique designs with Buddhist mantras etched on the edge of each bowl. To keep it handy and stylish, shoppers provide hand embroidered cushion and wooden hammer. 

Singing bowls in Nepal are made with the traditional method of using seven metals. Elements like copper, zinc, tin, lead, iron, silver, and gold are molded to form the bowls. It’s believed that the metal alloy used in making the bowls signify 7 celestial bodies

The sound generated from singing bowls have been long used for stress reduction and cure bipolar disorder. Some energy healers even use it as therapeutic measures for depression, migraine headaches, and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Yoga instructors and metaphysicians bring it into effect for restoring inner peace and calm. They use it to the fullest in relieving pain and discomfort rousing from mood swings and disquiet. The most common singing bowls that have come to practice all around the world are as follows. 

Singing Bowls for Meditation

Singing bowls simply designed for meditation utilize 3 or 5 metals combined together to sculpt. Unlike healing bowls, they are assembled using machines rather hand beaten. From faraway it’s hard to differentiate the bowls but take a close look and you can tell which is shaped by the machine. 

Most singing bowls molded using machines tend to leave traces. Still the surfaces are even-smooth and consistent, helping produce a loud sound. When tapped by stick on the brim of bowls, they emit loud sound and lose it as soon as taken off. 

Singing Bowls for Healing

singing bowl healing

Handmade bowls are most prevalent to heal stress and create balance within cells. They are made using 7 metals and shaped by hand. Modern or outdated, hand hammered singing bowls are always uneven on the rim and wrapped in pit-marks. The harmonic sound created by singing bowls is alleviating to the ear.

How to Choose Singing Bowl?

how to choose singing bowl
Tibetan Singing Bowl: Source

Singing Bowls do support meditation and mental repose but not all excel in maximizing the properties. Many small bowls available don’t make sounds enough to be heard, let alone healing. 

To add pressure, they are available in all sizes from small to medium and large. Therefore, extra attention is to be given while getting one of these. A little research and advice from the specialist can prove to be a great help while digging through the stockpile of bowls. 

Instead of being clueless after arriving at the shop, self-educate yourself about the bowls in advance. Be certain of what you’re looking for and why you want one of these. Just don’t go with the stories and look for facts and credibility in singing bowls. 

Even though they are light and portable, some small singing bowls create deep sound with high frequency. They don’t go more than six inches and can be easily played by placing on the palm. 

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Bowls that are about 2 inches greater than the small bowls qualifies for medium singing bowls. They are weighted and rationally has high-pitch than the former. Medium bowls too can be performed in the hand but counts on shape and structure. Most of them are laid on the ring cushion and played steadily. 

And finally, the large bowl which can’t be carried off easily has the loudest sound. They are mostly used during religious events and gatherings. They are roughly 1 feet or more in size and have two long and short sticks to play.

5 things that you should know before choosing singing bowls which are explained below:

Size and Sound 

size sound singing bowl

Little does the craft matter when buying singing bowls. If there is anything that people should care about while going through a stack of bowls is the right size and sound. Therefore, it’s important that you’re clear on what you want when buying a singing bowl. 

Remember that the singing bowls come in different sizes, some good for healing and others meditation. Hence choose wisely and make sure that it re-sounds. An ideal Tibetan bowl produces sound waves that can be heard loud and clear from a distance. 

Value for Price

singing bowl value for price

Clearly, the sign of a good singing bowl is the one that’s worth the price. An exquisite looking bowl with a hefty price doesn’t necessarily make it superior in value. Henceforth, weigh the excellence and rolling sounds that bowls can produce the maximum.
Scrap the ones that take way too much time to form vibration and put up the mesmeric sound. For instance, examine the bowl’s thickness and high octave range to know its quality. Finally, run the mallet through the rim of the singing bowl and listen carefully if it satisfies your need or not. 


authenticity singing bowl

Even though singing bowls have centuries-old history, people still demand accuracy. This has escalated dramatically ever since new and stylish bowls made their way into the market. Most people doubt the genuineness of bowls hammered by machine while few questions hand cast. 

So to avoid being misled, determine the authenticity of bowls by giving a meticulous look. If not all, go through plenty of them for clarity. Try to pull out as many qualities as possible through marks imprinted while hammered. Ring it or strike but do listen to the sound and ensure how long it lasts.


conscience singing bowl

Not many people listen to the voice inside them when buying a singing bowl and keep making mistakes. They are cautious of the product but not interested in knowing if the one they have is apt for them or not. 

Most people don’t like to make an extra effort and pick up whatever is within reach. And this is a wrong way to select the singing bowl. The best possible means to find the perfect bowl is by playing it. Large-size bowls come with two sticks, one that’s heavy and long is to brush around the brink while other to beat the bottom. 

There are strings of singing bowls available in various sizes but it’s recommended to have a collection of three. It really is significant that you maintain balance and form intervals which are melodious but disparate at the same time. 

Density and Diameter

density diameter singing bowl

The thickness of the singing bowl is as important as its size. They decide how soft and tasteful the tune from the bowls can be while running the stick on edge. Thereby look over the thickness of the bowl before owning it. 

The diameter of singing bowls differs from one another. In general, the large mother bowl in C root is the most adaptable with even amateur bringing it to play. The hypnotic sounds can be adjusted to uniform pitch for healing purposes. 

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