Top 10 Best Smelling Incense Sticks

Top 10 Best Smelling Incense Sticks 1

Incense is a substance that when burned emits a fragrant scent. In essence, the term “incense” comes from the Latin word for “to burn.” Incense has been used in religious rituals since ancient times, and it was used in ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Greece. People all over the world have used incense for a variety of purposes over the centuries and into the present day, including as an aspect for different religious practices, a method of repelling demons or evil spirits, and as a tool for masking offensive or disagreeable odors. While different countries have different incenses available, here are our top 10 best smelling incense sticks below:

Nag Champa Incense Sticks

Nag Champa Incense Sticks

This incense is made from a mixture of resins and gums, along with essential oils from various flowers and a variety of natural scents such as vanilla and lavender along with spices such as cinnamon, saffron, black pepper, and occasionally even strawberries. Prevalent for its gradual and pleasant burn, this incense is scented with halmaddi, a soft tree resin. Other ingredients include pine or cedar. Traditionally, these notoriously confidential concoctions were mixed and used in monasteries to aid spiritual practice. Many of us in the West, on the other hand, is much more probable to have initially smelled nag champa while attending a yoga studio or even an ashram. This fragrance, which lurks in the air, is known to induce a positive mindset and calm emotions.

Many people burn it solely for the pleasure of its aroma, which differs in degrees of sweetness, heaviness, and earthiness. Nag champa, like genuine sandalwood, is a holy incense that cleanses any environment by enthusiastically converting it into a meditation room, innately removing out any negativity and filling it with positive vibrations. Each packet is wrapped in traditional Lokta paper to retain the aroma and handcrafted in Nepal. It has a long-lasting aroma and is of excellent quality. Each packet contains 10 units and weighs 0.200 kg. The cost of the Raspberry Incense stick is between $0.50 to $1.00

Nado Happiness Incense

nado happiness incense wholesale

Nado Happiness incense stick is handcrafted from valuable Himalayan medicinal herbs such as saffron, sausarea lappa, safflower, red and white sandalwood, and nardostachys jatamansi with no chemical additives, artificial colors, or artificial scents. It is made according to a formula prescribed by Buddhist Yogis and Masters over a thousand years ago to provide ancient sacred fragrances. This incense is commonly used for prayers, but it can also be used to improve concentration, improve meditation, and promote overall well-being. This incense is not toxic, addictive, or polluting. We discovered that storing Nado Happiness incense in a dry, airtight container improves the fragrance over time. Himalaya natural bamboo was used to make this incense cover. Each packet consists of 30 incense sticks. The incense should be stored in a moisture-free place and the burn time of one stick is approximately one hour. The cost of one packet of Nado Happiness Incense is between Rs 678.47 to Rs 724.18

Dakpa Tamdin Incense

Dakpa Tamdin Incense Wholesale

Dakpa Tamdin Incense is handmade, vegan, and made according to a centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist recipe. It includes therapeutic spices and herbs from various regions of Nepal. The length of the incense stick is 24.5 cm and there are approximately 25 pieces in the box. Each box weighs about 0.500 kg and costs in-between $7.60-$8.00. His Holiness, the second Dudjom Rinpoche, gave Dakpa Tamdin the Jinlab Phabta to mix with the initial ingredients. This is still passed down to every production run of incense we make today.

This incense pack comes in 4 varieties: Ribo sangtsoe, Shingkham Kuenkhyap, Minling surpoe, and Sambara. Ribo sangtsoe means mountain smoke offering. This incense can be used to cleanse and purify our minds of all impurities, misgivings, stress, and be filled with satisfaction and happiness of this life and the next. Along with prayer and meditation, it is also used while raising prayer flags. Shingkham means the world of the Lord Buddha. Kuen means everywhere and Khyap means to spread. This incense contains all the requisite herbs and substances required to worship and please Gyalwa Rignga’s Shing Kham.

By offering this incense, we get the blessing of worshipping the Buddhas. The sambara incense was among the first kinds to be produced. It contains all basic herbal ingredients which have been used for centuries in Tibet. In the Buddhist scriptures “Dho Tharpa ” it is mentioned that Gyajin (Indra) offered the aromatic incense Sambara Dukpoe to the Buddha himself. From this early evidence, we incur the importance of incense in Buddhism. The mingling surpoe incense contains all the ingredients of the old surpoe of a Nyingmapa monastery in Tibet called Mindrolling. It gives peace of mind to the person using it. This is mainly used for kingkhors (mandalas) as it contains all the substances and herbs permitted in kingkhors, big and small.

Green Tara Cone Incense

Green Tara Cone Incense wholesale

Green Tara cone incense can assist you in regaining your power and removing the debris energies that are saddling your mind and spirit. Green tara incense has a chakra implying that it is both holy and heavenly. Spending time with green tara incense can not only improve your health, but it can also increase your lifespan and enhance spells for money and love because of the heart chakra bonding. According to the Tantric text Kavavira, which intricately discusses medicinal herbs of distinct aims and purposes for human welfare, and their lifestyle, Green Tara cone incense is produced.

These Tibetan incense are of the top class, 100% organic, and handcrafted, and are used because of their importance in human health, contentment, and wellbeing. A purification process and stress release are attributed to the use of Tibetan Buddhist Tantric incenses, which are said to eliminate uneasy energies that may be present in the living or working space. Each box contains 21 incense cones and the burning time of one cone is approximately 30 minutes. It weighs approximately 34 gm and costs between $1.43 to $1.50

Manjushree Prayer Incense

Top 10 Best Smelling Incense Sticks 2

This Manjushree Prayer Incense contains a mixture of Safflower Carthamus tinctoroius (Gurgum), Cinnamomum Tamala (Shing-tsa), Aru, Baru, Churu, Clove, Ruta, Ginseng, and Richen Nge Nga (five precious gems), as well as other medicinal herbal ingredients that aid in the health of the heart, liver, stomach, nerves, and digestive system. The herbal substances listed in the previous section have the ability and characteristics to encourage overall health by improving life expectancy and affluence through the introspection of nature’s wisdom. Each incense stick is approximately 20 cm long and one packet has 7 pieces in it. The total weight of the packet is 0.465 kg and it costs between $2.38 to $2.50.

Rose Rope Incense

rose nepali rope incense

Rose rope incense represents love and purity. It has a positive effect on feelings in aromatherapy. Depressions, grief, and resentment, in particular. It raises the heart rate and reduces nervous pressure and anxiety. When burning this incense, inhalation and the environment are completely safe. Rose rope incense scents are heavy, sweet, and floral, with a magnificent scent. Each rose rope incense bundle contains approximately 40 ropes. It is entirely handcrafted in Nepal. There are 6 bundles in 1 pack and it weighs 0.170 kg. The price of this incense ranges between $0.95 to $1.00

Bhutanese Incense Sticks

Top 10 Best Smelling Incense Sticks 3

The Bhutanese Incense Stick is an offering given to the protective deities. This incense stick was made per the formula prescribed by the great yogi of the Drukpa School of Buddhism, Pema Karpo, and the treasure finder of the Mind Rolling Monastery, Minling Terchen. This has been hand manufactured with the utmost care and in strict compliance with an age-old traditional method by Mr. Nado at Thimphu. It is a concoction of over a hundred precious aromatic substances, including saffron, clove, red and white sandalwood, nutmeg, and other medicinal ingredients. It comes in 4 varieties: Orange Bhutanese Nado Poizokhang Incense, Yellow Bhutanese Nado Poizokhang Incense, Green Bhutanese Nado Poizokhang Incense, and Grey Bhutanese Nado Poizokhang Incense. The length of each stick is 24 cm and the weight of each box is 0.100 kg. The cost of one packet of Bhutanese Incense Sticks is between Rs 678.47 to Rs 714.18.

Meditation Incense Sticks

Meditation Incense Sticks

Meditation cannot be practiced in a hectic and upsetting environment. Meditation Incense Sticks create a peaceful and calm environment, which helps you focus on your meditation. Meditation is really about discovering oneself without the interruption of their conscious brain. All you need is a laser-like focus for this reason. Meditation incense sticks can help you relax your body and mind. These sticks will assist you in achieving inner peace as well as outer peace. The fragrance of Meditation Incense Sticks is exquisite when it comes to smell. They are neither overbearing nor understated. They have a lengthy fragrance that will fill the room and linger with you long after you’ve done your meditation. Each packet is wrapped in traditional Lokta paper to retain the aroma and handcrafted in Nepal. It has a long-lasting aroma and is of excellent quality. Each packet contains 10 units and weighs 0.200 kg. The cost of the Raspberry Incense stick is between $0.50 to $1.00

Kapoor Rope Incense

Kapoor Rope Incense wholesale

This Kapoor Rope Incense is often used to alleviate pain and itchiness. It has an extraordinarily powerful scent. It is one of the most widely used fragrance ingredients. Kapoor oil is frequently used in medicine. There are approximately 40 ropes in each bundle of rope incense. Rope incense is crafted by stuffing natural ingredients into eco-friendly handmade lokta paper and spinning it to make rope incense. The price of this incense ranges between $1.43 to $1.50. It is entirely handcrafted in Nepal. There are 10 bundles in 1 pack and it weighs 60 grams

Riwo Sangchoe Morning Prayer Bhutanese Incense

Bhutanese World Peace Incense Wholesale

Apart from other medicinal herbs, Riwo Sangchoe Morning Prayer Ceremony Incense is a mixture of five fragrant herbs, six outstanding medicinal ingredients, and Rinchen Nge Nga (Five Precious Gems). Morning Prayer Ceremony Incense’s aroma and proportions are so affluent and exclusive that it is often used for Choed-pa or offering to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Guardian deities of the ten directions to detoxify bad karma and safeguard the spirit from danger, inevitably helping to bring you good luck, peace, and harmony. Kesang Poizokhang, an expert in producing Bhutanese incense sticks in cooperation with Menjong Indigenous Herbal Medical Centre, Thimphu Bhutan, manufactures Bhutanese incense with great care and full adherence in devotion to world peace and the promotion of Buddha Dharma.

Find 80+ aromatic and authentic Tibetan and Bhutanese incense. These incense sticks are handmade in Nepal and Tibet. Contact us for wholesale.

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