Top 10 Famous Products of Nepal


Nepal is a wonderful country with a lot to offer, from magnificent mountains to a diverse culture. It’s difficult not to fall in love with Nepal because of its colorful prayer flags, stunning landscape, tranquil nature, and nice people. Most travelers’ bucket lists include Nepal, and for good reason. When it comes to scenery, Nepal is unrivaled. Its world-famous trekking routes and national parks are teeming with wildlife that is severely underappreciated. Cultures merge in its bustling market cities, and current divinities preside over ancient spiritualism.

Nepal is well-known for its handcrafted handicrafts, as well as its art and architecture. Metalwork, garment materials, tea, sculpture, paper-based materials, dolls, trekking gear, jewelry, and other items are all unique. We have compiled a list of famous products of Nepal below:



The hair of a mountain goat named Chyangra or Capra Hircus is used to make Pashmina, commonly known as Cashmere. This traditional Kathmandu Valley product is handwoven on handlooms. It has been famous for ages because it is made of wool that is known around the world for its exquisite qualities. Many goods made of Pashmina may be obtained in Nepal, and the costs vary depending on the item. The Persian word ‘pashmina’ means soft gold,’ but they come in a variety of colors and lengths. The most well-known pashmina goods are shawls and scarves. Thamel is a good option because it has a lot of shops selling pashmina-made things. To be considered a true Pashmina, the fabric must be created from 97 percent pure yarn, therefore be wary of blends that include synthetic material. You should be aware of the difference between an original and a replica pashmina, as there are many Chinese knockoffs on the market currently. Because counterfeit pashminas are freely available, an investigation is required before purchasing the goods. When visiting Nepal, this is one of the best unique items to purchase.

Thangka Paintings

white tara thangka

A work of textile art, thangka paintings are made with elaborate details, embroidered, and decorated in lively colors. Because Hindus and Buddhists predominate in Nepal, some of the best mementos have religious importance and meaning. The thangka paintings are an expression of the people’s beliefs and culture. A Thangka is a one-of-a-kind appliqué painting on cotton or silk representing a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala. It’s not a flat piece of art like an oil or acrylic painting; instead, it’s made up of a painted or embroidered picture panel on top of which a cloth is mounted and then coated in silk. Gold and silver threads, as well as colors derived from powdered semi-precious stones, are used in the most opulent way. Thangkas were originally meant to teach novice monks and assist with personal meditation. They can take up to 18 months to make, depending on the size and level of intricacy.

Singing Bowls

Seven Chakra Colors Healing Singing Bowls

One of the finest things to bring back from Nepal is a singing bowl. Singing bowls from Nepal have long been utilized in Buddhist meditation and prayer. When the rim of these metal bowls is scraped circularly with a short wooden stick, it produces a calming sound. Apart from the relaxing sound, the vibration has healing properties and offers a peaceful environment for meditation. The singing bowl is available in a variety of sizes, but there are two fundamental types: machine-made and hand-made singing bowls. They’re commonly sold with a wooden baton and are made of metal. The handcrafted bowls are pricey and come in a basic brass finish. In comparison to hand-made bowls, machine-made bowls are flawlessly symmetrical, lavishly adorned, and cost less.


nepali handmade token of love

Nepalese handicraft is one-of-a-kind and distinctive. Prayer wheels, traditional masks, puppets, finely carved wooden sculptures, ceramics, and hemp goods are just a few of the most well-known handicrafts made and sold in Nepal. The brilliantly painted masks of local gods are available in multiple types and are reminiscent of the place. Wood carvings, boxes, and vases are also excellent choices. T-shirts, jeans, backpacks, and bags made of hemp are also popular items in Nepal. The Hemp Backpack is also considered one of the greatest Himalayan handcrafted backpacks. Always be on the lookout for folks who are selling a new item as an antique. Genuine antiquities are difficult to come by, and they are not permitted to leave Nepal without official approval.

Prayer Flags and Prayer Wheels

Tibetan Prayer Flags All 5 Sizes For Sale

Nepal is known for its temples. It has a great deal of religious and spiritual significance. Many monasteries, the stupa, and different temples may be found here. People travel from all over the world to Nepal to receive divine blessings. On your religious or pilgrimage tour, prayer wheels can be the ideal thing to buy. These wheels can be found on numerous hiking trails and in monasteries. In Tibetan Buddhism, the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” is often used. The value of spinning the wheel is the same as saying the prayer aloud. The wheels may be found in Thamel, a prominent tourist destination in Kathmandu. In the Thamel street market, you may purchase prayer wheels.

Nepalese prayer flags, known as ‘Dar Cho,’ are embellished with religious chants and inscriptions. Buddhists raise them in the hopes of improving everyone’s life, fortune, riches, and health. They’re said to create spiritual vibrations when blown by the wind, releasing silent prayers of well-being to the sky.


souvenirs from nepal

Nepal’s native weapon is the khukuri. In the preceding days’ combat, Gorkha warriors employed Khukuris. This weapon is quite fashionable, and one can use it to decorate their home’s walls by hanging Khukuri. The greatest spot to buy is in Bhaktapur. When visiting Nepal, Khukuri is a unique item to purchase. Khukuri, the world’s most famous knife, is known for its unique cutting edges. This traditional knife was once utilized in wars in the 1800s. They are handcrafted and of excellent quality. The Khukuri knife is given as a symbol of love, respect, and bravery. The tourist market has its version of these wonderfully produced knives, which can be found in most bazaars. Collectors may find them to be the ideal souvenir. Be careful that transporting such objects is difficult. For convenient transportation, knowing the size limits of such products is a good idea.

Tea and Coffee

The finest place to buy organic tea and spices is Nepal. If you like tea, it’s a terrific place to go because there are so many different kinds to choose from. We have well-known spices such as cardamom, pepper, chili, cumin, and so on, which are the most commonly purchased. Nepalese teas are well-known products from the country’s eastern region. This tea has a unique native flavor that is a true pleasure to sip. Illam is well-known for its native tea, which can be purchased at a cheap price. Tea tastings are available in a variety of sophisticated stores; nevertheless, the flavor of the tea is determined by how the tea leaves are chosen. The ‘first flush’ has a milder flavor, while the ‘second flush’ has a stronger flavor. Lemongrass-flavored teas, in particular, are extremely popular. High-quality teas should be consumed with lemon or sugar rather than milk. Nepal also produces exceptional organic coffee, which is sold throughout the country. Himalayan Java Coffee, a well-known coffee shop, and KarMa Coffee both sell beans.

Stone and Bead Jewelry

The city of Kathmandu is well-known for its stone and bead jewelry. Bracelets, ear-ring, necklaces, rings, and a variety of other products made of beads and stones are prominent. Rudraksha is the most well-known among Indian travelers, and it is also one of the most unique items to purchase when visiting Nepal. The best places to buy bead and stone jewelry are Thamel, Durbar Square, and Pashupatinath. Nepal is well-known for its high-quality gold and silver jewelry. You can also view traditional Newari kitchenware, which is molded in silver and made of high-quality materials. It’s a good idea to get a selection of local beads to make your necklace. Be wary of purchasing fake Chinese imported jewelry.


Nepal, a Himalayan country, is known for its unusual spices and herbs. In every Nepalese kitchen, the aroma of these particular herbs may be detected. The lovely perfume of fresh spices fills the air as you meander through the local market and alleyways. Nepal’s bazaars are brimming with a variety of spices, some of which are unique to the country. You can also test out some of Nepal’s well-known Ayurvedic medications (with a consultation) or cosmetics. Nepal is also known for its spices, which are cheaper there. It provides a wide range of blended masalas that enhance the flavor of any dish. Saffron and Himalayan salt are the most popular and widely sold goods among them. Garam masala, chicken masala, fish masala, turmeric, and a variety of other spices are available. Aside from that, purchasing unusual items like fresh cinnamon cloves and anise is quite beneficial. Such spices can be purchased in Kathmandu’s Ason market on a short tour. Spice bags can be purchased at a very low price. Purchasing bags with labels, on the other hand, is a good idea.

Woolen Carpets

woolen carpet

Hand-woven woolen carpets have become the country’s major export commodity. The carpet business is one of Nepal’s most important sources of employment. Because of its distinctive properties such as texture, color combination, resilience quality, strength, and longevity, the hand-knotted woolen carpet has gained international recognition. Vegetable dyes and chemical colors are offered for the carpets created from refined pure wool. Nepalese carpets are typically produced with 60,80, or 100 knots per square inch. Specialized producers, on the other hand, can achieve a density of 120 knots per square inch.

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