Yak Wool

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Buy Yak Wool Shawls Wholesale 

Yak wool products are made up from the underbelly wool of the yak with a mixture of acrylic and cotton to make a strong weaving. It is a perfect product to wear in the winter season.

Watch This: Short video below showing How Yak Wool Shawls made by Local Women in Nepal

Yak Wool Shawl

Yak wool shawls are available in a wide range of colors (contact us if you want to see more). Paisley Shawl is available in 6 colors – Black, Turquoise, Green, Pink, Purple, and Maroon. Size available 180cm by 90cm and 200cm by 100cm

Yak Wool Scarfs

Yak wool scarfs or scarves are available in different colors. Size – 25cm by 180cm (contact us if you want to customize the size)

Yak Wool Blankets

Similar to Yak wool shawl and scarfs, blankets are also available in various colors. Size: 255cm by 115cm

Yak Wool Poncho

Available in free size (contact us to see the product)

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Lastly, all yak wool products like shawls, scarfs, blankets, and poncho are available at wholesale prices. Contact us to buy yak wool products in bulk or wholesale. Shipping worldwide from Nepal.