How to Remove Chewing Gum from Clothes?

how to remove chewing gum from clothes

Among many annoying things, having chewing gum glued on our clothes is one. In human task of spitting off the chewed gum wherever one wishes has troubled many of us. Sometimes our own carelessness of not observing the place before we lap ourselves also take some credit for the gum to stick on our precious fabrics. But, it’s no use to cry over spilled milk! 

It is difficult and also a headache at times to get rid of the dreaded gum. However, it is not an impossible task. Thankfully, we have different ideas and techniques to take off the gum. Here are some mostly applied techniques to remove the gum.

Removing Gum with the Help of Liquid Laundry Soap

This is an easy way. As you can easily find liquid soap in the local stores this will be a quick accessed idea to removing the gum. First you just need to apply the soap on the affected area. Then with the help of a toothbrush scrub the soap on the gum. Then scrape it off gently with an unsharpened knife. Your fabric will be free from the gum after some time! You can use your fingertip or nail to remove the remaining gum. Lastly, put your cloth for washing.

Using Duct Tape to Remove the gum

Duct Tape is another material which you are easily accessed to. Whether you are in the workplace or in the market place or at home, you can get it quick. You need to cut a strip of duct tape and carefully paste it on the gum surface. Do not let the tape stick on the fabric surface. This will else double your trouble. Peel off the strip, the gum will come along with the tape. Repeat with new strip if necessary.

Removing Gum Using Vinegar

Vinegar is easily available at home. This is also easily available in the local stores. If you are heading towards or if you are near the restaurants, cafes, etc. using vinegar will be best idea for you to get rid of annoying gum on your clothes. You can request the staff to use vinegar explaining your situation. 

Heat a cup of vinegar in the microwave. Heat it just below the boiling phase. Then take it out. Dip a toothbrush in the hot vinegar. Vinegar works better when it is hot. Then scrub the brush in one direction on the gum. Repeat the dipping and rubbing process. You might need to reheat the vinegar if necessary. Then wash off the cloth to remove the vinegar smell.

You might also want to express your gratitude to the staff for helping you out! 

Removing Gum by Freezing

If you are at/near the place where the fridge is accessible then this process is very useful. First, fold the cloth keeping gum facing outward. Then put the cloth in a plastic bag. Assure that the gum does not come in contact with the plastic. Now put inside the freezer for a couple of hours. According to the amount of gum, it should take two to three hours to stiffen. Then take the bag out of the freezer and empty the content. Take a blunt knife and scrape off the gum as soon as possible. Do not take much time as the gum may again soften and make your task even tougher. If by any chance the gum thaws freeze it again. 

Remove Chewing Gum by Ironing

This process is worthy when you are at home. If you manage to reach home somehow after knowing the situation you can apply this method. Keep your affected cloth on cardboard. Let the gum position between your cloth and the board. Now iron the area in medium heat. The gum will gradually stick on the cardboard. Repeat the process unless you get rid of the gum completely. Put your cloth for washing after the gum completely gets off.

Rubbing Alcohol helps in Removing the Gum

Take a sponge or any clean piece of rag. Pour some alcohol on it. Then rub it on the cloth where the gum is stuck. After some time, slowly the alcohol starts its effect. Then, with the help of a spatula or a blunt knife take off the gum. It is easier than removing normally. When you put the cloth for washing, at last, add some scented liquid or detergent to remove the alcohol smell. The alcohol does not affect the fabric or its color. So do not worry to use alcohol.

Having some amount of alcohol at home is quite a good idea. There are many other uses of alcohol rather than only keeping it for drinking purpose. 

Boiling Method to Get Rid of the Gum 

While heading towards your workplace early morning and you come across this annoying gum incident then you need not worry! If you are accessible to kitchen at your workplace this will be a better way to get rid of the gum. Or request the helper in your office. You just need to assist the process you are acknowledged of.  Take the cloth in hand and carefully put the cloth with gum in very hot water. While in the water, scrape off the gum with brush or a butter knife. Repeat scrubbing until you get rid of the gum completely. Then let the cloth dry under the sun. 

If the kitchen is not available, kettle is obviously available in most places. This is another method to remove gum. Bring water to boil in the kettle. When the steam comes from the mouth of the kettle, place the gum cloth near the mouth letting it to touch the gum. Gradually, steam softens the gum. Now take a brush and scrub in one direction. 

Removing Gum with the Help of Label Remover

Label Remover can be available in your nearby local stores, stationeries or some hardware stores also. You can take a label remover spray from your nearby local store. Spray it on the gum stuck on your cloth. Leave it for a minute or two. Then with the help of a brass wire brush scrub it in one direction. The gum will gradually come off. Then wash the label remove stain with soap. 

Using Hairspray to Remove Gum

Hair Spray is another material easily found at home or local stores. You can also ask for help in the beauty parlors if you are on the way. They definitely have it. Use hair spray on the gum. It will harden the gum. Immediately scrub off the gum with blunt knife. Continue the process until all the gum comes out. Then wash the cloth normally. 

Removing Gum with the Help of Goof-Off

 Goof-off is a heavy-stain remover which is found mostly in the hardware stores. Before you try it on your clothes, take a test on unwanted similar fabric to see whether it affects the quality of the fabric or not. If you are sure to use it then apply it on the gum area and immediately scrub off with the brush. With the help of a tissue paper remove the remaining gum residue. Then leave the cloth under the sun to evaporate the goof-off completely.

Removing Gum with the Help of Lanacane Cream

Lanacane is a cream used to reduce pain or discomfort caused by skin irritation, insect bites, etc. Over use of this cream is dangerous. However, this cream is helpful to remove the gum on fabrics. You need to remove as much gum as possible manually. Then apply some lanacane on the surface. Then remove the gum with the help of a knife. Then wash normal. 

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Removing Gum with the Help of Gasoline (Petrol)

You must put the sufficient amount of gasoline on the gum. This melts the gum. Do not over put the gas amount. Remove with the help of a blunt knife or spatula or brush. As the gas is flammable you must be very careful. Then later, to remove petrol odor, soak the cloth with detergent in a bucket and wash normal. In case you do not have gasoline you can have any lighter fluid.  

Please stay away from the fire and children while working with gasoline.

Removing Gum with the Help of Orange Oil

If you are aware and accessible to this oil you can use this oil to remove the gum. Apply the oil on to the gum. Then brush it off. Repeat the process if necessary. Wash the cloth normal after removing the stain completely. 


Please do try these methods to get rid of the dreadful situation in no time. You might find it a bit time-consuming task but it really is worth to save your lovely fabric from getting ruined. You need not discard your favorite clothes just because you did not come across this fabulous gum removing methods!

We will be happy to hear that the above techniques or method worked it for you or not. Feel free to contact us.

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