How to Wash Yak Wool Blanket?

how to wash yak wool blanket

Yak wool is a soft and natural fiber made up of the wool of Yak also known as Mountain goat. Yak is found in the Himalayas. As you can see in the above picture, Yak normally has a longhaired which keeps their body warm from a cold temperature in the mountain. The premium quality of yak wool is extracted from the underbelly of Yak. The natural hair color of Yak wool is Dark brown, Grey, Black, and White.

The yak wool products that we sell at Handicrafts In Nepal is made up from Yak which is available in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Products such as Yak wool blanket and Yak wool shawl are exclusively hand-loomed by local women and men in Nepal. We export these soft and warm blankets and shawls worldwide. Now, let’s come back to the main question of the day.

How to wash Yak wool blanket? 

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1 units (Min. Order)
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1 units (Min. Order)
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For purchasing a yak wool blanket is not so hard as compared to keeping it clean. In this article, we assume that you had already purchased yak wool blanket from here or anywhere online. If you are thinking to buy one, then you can buy it from here.

We can ship directly to your doorstep anywhere in the world. So far, you now have an idea about what Yak is. Assuming that, we are going to discuss how to was yak wool blanket or yak wool shawl.

Follow these easy steps for washing any kind of yak wool products:

  • Use only cold water 
  • Wash only by hand
  • Use few drops of mild shampoo for preserving the softness
  • Do not use any kind of dryer for heating
  • Stay away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid twisting the yak wool blankets or shawls may occur wrinkle 

The above steps are important in making the yak wool blankets or shawls cleaner and durable. Let us know if the steps help you or not. Also, we would be looking forward to hearing the steps that you follow while washing the yak wool blanket in the comments below. Lastly, keep yourself warm this winter with absolutely warm yak wool blankets. 

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