6 Types of Hand-Knitted Woolen Cap for Men & Women

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When it comes to woolen accessories, Nepal is quite popular around the globe. The accessories are well-known because they are handmade. The people of Nepal hand knit them using the finest wool to give it the astounding finish.

During winter, woolen clothing and accessories are highly bought in the markets. Among various woolen things, the demand for the woolen hat is high during these times. 

You can find various types of hand knitted woolen caps in online stores and markets. The fabric and materials used to make the caps are high in quality but need proper care. So, you have to be careful while washing them.

To wash the hats or caps, you pour lukewarm water and an ounce of shampoo in it. Then let it soak for an hour or less and rub it gently if needed. This way you can maintain the softness of the wool while avoiding scratching or fraying.

Woolen caps are a great way to keep your head and ear warm during winter. The inner lining fleece gives extra warmth and smoothness. To know more about the types of hand-knitted woolen hat read below:

When it comes to the Knitted woolen cap there are many choices you can select from in the markets. You can find various woolen caps with unique designs and patterns.

To know more about the types of woolen cap found in the markets read further below. As we have mentioned a few types of Hand Knitted Woolen Cap:

Sherpa Hat

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The woolen sherpa hat is popular winter wear among the Nepalese as well as foreigners. These caps are made from the finest sheep wool that comes from New Zealand.

The wools yarns used to make the caps are naturally dyed in the Swiss Clariant Process. They equip the insides of the cap with inner lining fleece to provide extra warmth and smoothness.

Sherpa caps are available in various colors such as light blue, multicolor, grey and red mix, etc. The beautiful geometric pattern caps are true friends for winters.

The cap weighs around 85 grams, having 21” circumference and height about 8”. The vibrant color with unique designs is quite eye-catching to the buyers. The interiors made from smooth and breathable materials keep your head and ears warm during winters.

Woolen Beanie

6 Types of Hand-Knitted Woolen Cap for Men & Women 2
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As the cold season begins, woolen beanie comes back to fashion. These beanies are hand knitted by the Nepalese women. For materials, they use the finest wool from New Zealand that goes through the swiss technology for the dying process.

Woolen beanies are special for their appealing colors and difference in size that makes them unique. The beanie is free in size so it fits heads of any shape and size.

It weighs about 70 to 85 grams and feels light to wear. These beanies are available in various colors and patterns. Like beanie embroidered with yak design, Navy blue, and white mix, and many more.

The beanie has a fleece band which keeps you warm in cold weather. It never goes out of fashion.

Pom Pom

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Pom Pom is a small ornamental ball used in clothing such as caps and costumes. These ball-like ornaments can be attached at the top of a cap or beanie. They give a very cute finish look and go well with any wear.

They are hand-made caps that have a fleece inner lining for interiors. They use the finest wool from New Zealand to complete the product. The manufacturers use the eco-friendly Swiss Clariant process to dye the wool yarns.

The cute little Pom Pom placed at the top of the beanie is round and about 3 inches big. The beanies with Pom Pom weigh about 175 grams with 20” circumference and 14” height.

You can find them in various colors in online stores and markets. Like gray red mix, orange pure, yellow, blue and pink mix, etc.

Woolen Cap with Ear Flaps

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Woolen Cap with Tassels is quite popular among boys and mid-age people. These caps have one of the unique designs compared to the other woolen caps. They have ear flaps about 4 inches long that cover your ear and keep it warm.

And the braided woolen thread on both sides of the cap gives it a stylish look. The upper part is similar to the sherpa caps but they are not tight in the head. These caps are loose in design and come in one size that fits any shape. You can tie the two braids to keep the caps in place as well.

For materials, they use sheep wool from New Zealand, inner lining fleece, and eco-friendly swiss process for dying. These are high-quality wears that feel smooth and soft in touch.

The inner fleece provides extra warmth and comfort to the wearer. These caps are mostly ideal while going on walks or skiing. It protects both your head and ears from cold weather.

Hemp Cap

Crochet Hemp Sun Hat

Hemp Cap is a great fashion accessory that goes well in both summer and winter. It is popular outdoor wear that has a classic shape to it. You can find this in various colors and designs.

The hand-knitted woolen Hemp cap is made in Nepal using some of the finest and high-quality materials i.e. Pure hemp fibers. They use hemp thread to make this cap. It is light in weight and long-lasting.

During winters, they keep you warm and protect you from the cold. You can wear it casually in your everyday life as well. It weighs about 75 grams with 16 to 17” circumference and 8 to 9” height. 

The cap is available in many vibrant colors such as pink, grey, white, black, multicolored, etc. Its classic and adorable look is quite appealing to the eyes. People from any gender can wear this cap.

Baggy Hat

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The baggy hat has this baggy fit in the back and rolling edge at the bottom. It is a bit longer than other hats. These types of hand knitted woolen caps are most popular among men. 

To make the baggy cap, they use the finest wool bought from New Zealand. And naturally, dye it in the Swiss Clariant process for colors. The fabric stretches according to your head size so you don’t have to worry about sizes.

It weighs about 190 grams and made from 100% wool. It has a soft touch to it. The high-quality material used to make this cap keeps you warm for the entire season.

Contact us if you are interested in placing bulk orders for the above different types of hats or caps. We are a manufacture and exporter of woolen products from Nepal.

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