What Makes Full Moon Singing Bowl Special?

full moon singing bowl meaning

Singing bowls have become quite popular in the last few years. The busy life of people makes them more stressed and mentally worn out. There are many modern medicines to tackle stress. However, they all come with some terms and conditions applied. 

The traditional methods of stress relief have always been known for their healing properties without any side effects. And that is where singing bowls makes its mark. Among many singing bowls, full moon singing bowls are a little more special. They are specially crafted during the full moon of every month. This is done to capture the energy of the moon in the bowl making it more spiritually powerful. 

The bowls help you in many ways than one. If you are someone who is suffering from any mental stress or searching for ways to relax, this singing bowl is the perfect remedy for you. Mild vibrations made by the bowl resonate with the spiritual power of the full moon when it was made, thus helping you calm down. 

The subtle sounds are great for relaxation and stress relief. The full moon singing bowls are made by combining different alloys. These play a part in activating the positive energy from the full moon while relaxing you. They are handmade on the full moon of each month where it gains the name from. 

What are Full Moon Singing Bowls Used for?

The singing bowls are mostly used for stress relief through meditation and relaxation. These are some of the traditional methods of stress relief that are still used today. So what exactly is the use of these bowls?

There are two ways of using a singing bowl. You can either choose to play the singing bowl yourself while indulging yourself in the beautiful sound created. This helps you focus on the single thing you are doing at the moment: playing the bowl. 

Another way of using the bowl is to have someone else play it, someone with practice. You can enjoy the sound and incorporate it in your life for whatever purpose. Just listening to the sound of the bowl makes your mental state of mind relaxed and helps in improving personal health and chakra healing. 

They are used for a number of things. Stress relief, meditation, and a number of other therapies for mental health. They are also called therapy sound bowls for their therapeutic sounds and are often preferred by medical professionals as well.  Some of the basic uses of full moon singing bowls are:


The low-frequency sounds that resonate from this full moon singing bowl are great for calming down your thoughts. More precisely, they are great for meditation. Meditation can be of many ways and many people practice meditation in different ways. 

Some try it with absolute silence while some hum a certain sound at a certain frequency to keep the mind calm. Singing bowls work in the same way. The sound from the bowl is calming, increasing the focus of your mind on just one thing, the sound. 


Even though the singing bowl is taken as a relaxation measure or a healing treatment, at the end of the day it is a musical instrument. We all know that music is a great healer and soother. So like any other musical instrument, the singing bowl creates a harmonious sound that soothes you at times while relaxing you at the same time.

Chakra healing

To some people, the singing bowl is a way of healing your chakra. Chakra means specific points or centers of spiritual power in the human body. Full moon singing bowls resonate with the low-frequency sound that relaxes and helps in healing these chakras in the body. 

How to Play a Full Moon Singing Bowl?

Now that you know what singing bowls are used for, you must be curious about how to use them. Like any other musical instrument, the singing bowl should also be played with grace and handled with care. 

You can only create a harmonious sound when you play it with your heart. With a little bit of practice and patience, you can learn to play the singing bowl. Before learning to play the singing bowl, you should learn how to handle the bowl. The bowl comes with a mallet that is used to play the singing bowl. 

You can use two ways to play the singing bowl. With the striking method of playing the singing bowl, you will first hold the full moon singing bowl in the palm of your non-dominant hand. With the mallet, you will gently strike the bowl. The sound will resonate through the bowl to your ears. The low-frequency sound gets produced as the bowl vibrates and stays as long as the bowl vibrates. 

As for the next method of playing the singing bowl, you will need some practice. As soon as you strike the bowl and the bowl vibrates, you will start running the mallet around the rims of the bowl. This creates a muffled sound as the vibration is controlled with the mallet. This is known as the rimming method, the rimming method may take some time to perfect but it is great for meditation and relaxation. 

You can learn to control the sound just like perfecting any other musical instrument. You can also try the rimming method with water. Filling the bowl with water gives a different sound effect than the empty bowl. However, the water rimming method of playing the bowl is a little hard to perfect. 

You should not wet the rims and the mallet for a clear sound. The water in the bowl makes the sound more clear and the water vibrating is very satisfying to watch. You can get sound as well as visual therapy with this method.

We hope this article helped you learn more about the full moon singing bowl. You can now enjoy the relaxation the bowl provides. 

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