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How do Handicrafts benefits Nepal?

How do Handicrafts benefits Nepal

Although the Nepalese handicrafts sector has seen its ups and downs, it has a long history. According to a mention found in Kautilya’s Economics concerning various industries and exports from Nepal. Nepal was recognized for its rainproof woolen blanket during the reign of Chandra Gupta Mouriya, in the fourth century. The blankets were composed of […]

Where is Hemp Fiber Produced in Nepal?

how is hemp fibre produced in nepal

Hemp has a rich history in Nepal. Due to its strength, resilience, and durability, it has been used as a fiber for generations. Even though hemp fiber has a long history and has the potential to provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged and impoverished Nepalis, its industrial cultivation remains illegal. As a result, people only use […]

20 Best Nepali Handicrafts To Buy For Souvenirs

best nepali handicrafts

Are you visiting Nepal and wondering what souvenir to bring back home to your loved ones? Then our article on Best Nepali Handicrafts Souvenir will be a helpful one for you. When traveling places people expect souvenirs from that country.  And Nepal is a bio-diversified and culturally rich country full of amazing handicraft goods and […]

What Makes Full Moon Singing Bowl Special?

full moon singing bowl meaning

Singing bowls have become quite popular in the last few years. The busy life of people makes them more stressed and mentally worn out. There are many modern medicines to tackle stress. However, they all come with some terms and conditions applied.  The traditional methods of stress relief have always been known for their healing […]

9 Types of Tibetan Singing Bowl and Their Unique Features

singing bowl types

The different types of Singing bowls include Thadobati, Jambati, Naga, Mani, Ultabati, Manipuri, Lingam, Remuna, and others. They differ in their shape, size, style, tone, quality, and have unique characteristics. Some authentic Himalayan singing bowls from Nepal, Tibet, and India are more than 500 years old.  Singing Bowls vibrate and produce a rich, deep tone […]

Wood Carving Nepal: Keeping Rich Tradition Alive

wood carving nepal

Wood Carving is an act of using various tools such as a knife, chisel, and gauge to create an artwork or sculpture. Nepal has a rich history of wood carving with woodcarvers producing magnificent work of arts. The medieval Durbar Squares and temples of Kathmandu valley have incredible wooden artworks.  There are beautiful designs and […]

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