Mahakala: History, Mantra & Practice

mahakala black golden thangka

Mahakala is a significant deity in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. Mahakal is an integral part of all forms of Buddhism. According to Vajrayana Buddhism, Mahakala is a protector deity known as “Dharmapala” and a form of “Avalokiteshvara”. The deity is generally considered a manifestation of Lord Shiva and the consort of Goddess Mahakali in Hinduism.  […]

Avalokiteshvara: History, Mantra & Practice of Bodhisattva

1000 armed avalokiteshvara thangka

Avalokiteshvara is an integral Bodhisattva figure that embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. This “Padmapani” Bodhisattva is largely depicted, sculpted, and portrayed as either male or female. It is also known as Chenrezig in Tibet, and Avloketesvar is in Cambodia.  Moreover, the female figure of Guanyin is an evolved form of the deity in Chinese […]

Wood Carving Nepal: Keeping Rich Tradition Alive

wood carving nepal

Wood Carving is an act of using various tools such as a knife, chisel, and gauge to create an artwork or sculpture. Nepal has a rich history of wood carving with woodcarvers producing magnificent work of arts. The medieval Durbar Squares and temples of Kathmandu valley have incredible wooden artworks.  There are beautiful designs and […]

6 Types of Buddhist Prayer Wheels You Should Know

buddhist prayer wheels

Buddhist Prayer Wheels or “Mani wheels” are hollow cylindrical wheels used in prayers and religious ceremonies. These wheels are made up of wood, metal, or stone and mounted on a rod handle made up of precious metal or wood. They are an integral part of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  The Buddhist prayer wheel is also […]

Chanting Om Mani Padme Hum: Meaning & Benefits

om mani padme hum meaning

Om Mani Padme Hum is a six-syllable mantra associated with the Avalokiteshvara or the protector. A mantra is a sound, word, or syllable used in meditation and capable of creating transformation when chanted. It is also pronounced as “Om Mane Peme Hung” in some regions.  By practicing and chanting this mantra, one can accumulate merit […]

Mithila Painting: Local Women Into Art Entrepreneurship

mithila painting nepal

Mithila Painting is a social explanation as it depicts the rural lives of women of the Mithila region. Various scenes from the paintings display female life with a focus on household chores, marriage, and childbirth. It also shines some light on social harmony among women.  Mithila arts are incredible artwork created by women of the […]

Nepali Traditional Dresses: The Story of Diversity

nepali traditional dress

Nepal is a diverse country with a wide range of cultural settlements. The Nepalese people remain deeply rooted in ancient old traditions and customs. You can find various Nepalese traditional dresses based on caste and ethnicity. However, Daura Suruwal and Gunyu Cholo are the national dress of Nepal and get worn by Nepalese of all […]