How To Wash Hemp Backpacks?

how to wash hemp backpacks

Keeping our laptops, documents, and supplies in backpacks has become a way of life. The bags made from oil-based derivatives will never be considered environmentally friendly. When it comes to backpacks, choosing hemp backpacks made from organic and sustainable hemp plants is a fantastic eco-friendly option. They also have their natural design aesthetic and due to the strength of hemp fiber, they are long-lasting and durable.

Hemp bags are extremely popular in Nepal. Hemp backpacks come in a variety of colors and sizes. School hemp backpacks, laptop hemp backpacks, and travel hemp backpacks are by far the most famous. Hemp backpacks are very popular especially among young people in the modern era. To transport valuable items, nearly everybody uses a backpack on an everyday basis. Trekkers also like to use backpacks as they set out on their trek with large backpacks on their backs.

How are Hemp Backpacks Made?

Long-lasting and strong natural hemp yarns are typically used to make hemp backpacks. The hemp plant can grow up to 20 feet tall and we extract the hemp fibers from the plant itself. For 20 days, the plant’s stems are soaked in water and after that, the stems are separated from the plant and are boiled in ash water. Hemp backpacks are made after the stem is separated into thin layers. In Nepal’s Himalayan region, we can find the cannabis plant. The raw materials for Hemp Backpacks are gathered in the western part of Nepal, primarily in the states of Bajura, Bajhang, and Rolpa. Because hemp backpacks are typically handcrafted, the price can be quite high.

The bags are made by factory workers after the villagers prepare the raw material for stitching. According to the preference of the consumer, the design and colors of the hemp backpack can be customized. Each hemp bag is approximately 600 grams in weight. Depending on the bag chosen, the sizes of the bags can vary. Making Hemp Backpacks is a time-consuming and laborious process. However, there are now machines that can mass-produce hemp backpacks.

If your hemp backpack gets wet from rain, you can simply hang it to dry. While most of the hemp backpack does not shrink if you dried it in the dryer, some might so using a dryer is not recommended. To facilitate drying, you can pull the black lining outside. Most consumers believe that the hemp backpack is a backpack that can be easy to wash. The steps on how to properly wash your hemp backpack have been written below:

As hemp backpacks are not washing machine-friendly, we recommend washing them by hand. Firstly, fill a washbasin or a bucket with cold water and add standard laundry detergent to it. At this point, to remove the odor of cannabis/tobacco, smokers can add a cup of white vinegar. Gently swish it around. Hand-soap stains or dirty areas with laundry soap. Remember that bleach and harsh detergents can harm natural fibers.

To not damage the water repellency of the hemp backpack, it is recommended that you do not soak the backpack for an extended time.

Rinse with cold water right away until there are no more suds. Two or three rinses should suffice. Between rinses, empty the bucket.

You should hang the hemp backpack in the shade to dry it. Using a dryer is not recommended.

If necessary, iron on the highest heat setting with the most steam, focusing on the edges of the flap to ensure it is completely flat. Before you begin, make certain that the sole of your iron is completely clean. Use a lot of pressure and steam. If you want, you can iron all four sides of the backpack.

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