Why Choose Hemp Backpacks?

Why Choose Hemp Backpacks? 1

Hemp has been used for over a thousand years and is the longest, strongest, and most durable natural fiber known to mankind. Hemp does not require any herbicides or pesticides, is drought-resistant, and can be grown in 4 months. Hemp is grown for its fibers, seeds, seed meal, and seed oil. Hemp is a subspecies of the cannabis Sativa L. plant. Hemp fiber, oil, and seed can be used to make an assortment of hemp products.

Bags should be functional, dependable, and long-lasting. These are the three things you can always count on from hemp. Add in the fact that hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly resources, and you’ve got four good reasons to invest in a hemp backpack, handbag, or shopping bag. Natural pure hemp yarns and fabric from Nepal’s Himalayan regions are used to create Hemp Backpacks. Among the plenty of reasons to invest in hemp backpacks, we have listed a few of them below:


We are fortunate to have a wide range of hemp bags available to suit a variety of uses as bags must be functional and fit for purpose. From simple tote bags to hard laptop cases or briefcases made of hemp composites, from small coin purses to large bags, we have it all as an alternative to plastics. There is a hemp bag for every occasion, and they’re as minimalistic as you’d expect from any type of backpack; it’s not just your vibrant hippy bags with a big cannabis leaf on them; there are many subtle and professional looking options so that you can show your love for the environment without fear of being branded as a stoner hippy.


According to a recent study, using a cotton-style shopping bag or tote bag may be worse for the environment than using a standard plastic bag. This is because a single plastic bag requires fewer materials and energy to manufacture than a cotton tote bag. According to a UK government report, producing 173 plastic bags equals the carbon footprint of a cotton tote bag. However, this does not consider the fact that the cotton bag will most likely be reused more than 173 times, as well as the pollution and litter that plastic bags cause in the ecosystem, which in itself is a huge problem.

The hemp plant itself offsets a large portion of the carbon from the manufacturing process when you choose a hemp tote bag. Because hemp is nature’s greatest carbon sink, absorbing more CO2 in its short life span than any other crop. It is assumed that an acre of hemp can erase 5-10 tons of CO2 per crop and that two crops per year can be grown in the appropriate climates. Per year that equates to up to 20 tons of CO2 per acre of hemp. In comparison, one acre of fully grown trees absorbs approximately 2.6 tons of CO2 per year. The discussion being done here is that of mature trees which depending on the species, maturation can take anywhere from 7 to 40 years. With these figures, it is easy to see why hemp is an excellent choice to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and fight climate change.


Hemp is the plant with the strongest natural fiber. It has three times the durability and five times the tensile strength of cotton. This, combined with the fact that a single hemp fiber can be as long as the plant itself (up to 4m in length), means that any fabric made from hemp fibers has incredible strength and durability. Hemp is made from much longer fibers whereas cotton is made by spinning together many small fibers to make a yarn. This means that hemp fabric has less fraying and a lower likelihood of developing holes than cotton fabric.

Bags endure far more wear and tear than you might think. There are numerous ways that a bag can wear out, ranging from the pressures of being overpacked to the common putting down mostly on abrasive floor surfaces and scooping up, to the repeated strains put on the material simply by carrying the bag loaded with stuff. It is now widely accepted that keeping something we already own for a longer period is better for the environment than purchasing something new. The carbon footprint of producing new items is enormous, and we should reuse or buy used items whenever possible to reduce our impact on the planet and the climate. 

Moreover, the Hemp Backpack is one of the most fashionable and long-lasting bags available in Nepal. Hemp bags are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and versatile. The hemp industry in Nepal has a lot of potential. As a result, hemp products like hemp bags, hats, purses, and even clothing are extremely useful in your daily activities. Hemp bags are both practical and appealing to the eye. It comes in a variety of styles, making each bag one-of-a-kind.

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