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Chenrezig Statue, also known as Avalokitesvara, is the most respected Bodhisattva because he embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. In times of stress and trouble, he listens to the pleas of every sentient being. In a well-known Buddhist tale, Chenrezig promises to never rest until he has freed all sentient beings from samsara, yet despite his greatest efforts, the goal is impossible. In an effort to reach out to so many screams of anguish, his arms are fractured and multiplied so that he can reach out to more people in need. Sometimes Chenrezig imagined himself surrounded by eleven heads and a thousand arms. When the six-syllable mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is uttered aloud or in silence, it attracts Chenrezig’s beneficent power and intervention, according to Tibetan Buddhism. Chenrezig is revered as the protector of Tibet, and the Dalai Lama is actually an incarnation of him.
When we are compassionate or feel the love of another directed as you, regardless of whether they are human or animal, we have a taste of our connection with Chenrezig.
His two front hands are joined in reverence in front of his jewel-encrusted heart. His upper right hand carries a crystal akshamala or rosary, a symbol of the never-ending cycle, which is his particular sign. While his left hand holds a white lotus, representing that he liberates sentient beings from the muddied seas of suffering and hellish realms to the pristine states of enlightenment, his right hand holds a white lotus. He is clothed in silk clothes and seated on a row of lotus petals. His legs are in the “diamond stance” of meditation.
Bodhisattva, which literally translates to “enlightenment being” in Sanskrit, has two basic meanings in Buddhism. One of them, held by Theravada and a few Mahayanists, is that of a person devoted to becoming a Buddha. The opposing view, maintained by certain Mahayanists, is that a Buddha intentionally forgoes enlightenment in order to benefit others.
  • Handmade in Nepal
  • Size: 8 inch height

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