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Souvenirs From Nepal

Nepal is very popular for its handcrafted products. The popular handmade souvenirs are Statue, Wooden Handicrafts, Khukuri and High-quality jewelry are some of the products which are making an impact on the world.

Well-experienced artisans, high-quality material, and women empowerment are playing a major role in striving the Handicraft industry in Nepal. This will definitely improve the economic condition of Nepal and increase the living standard of the local community.

Handicrafts in Nepal offers Handmade Products like Silver Jewelry, Metal Statues, Nepalese Khukuri, Gift or Souvenirs, Papercrafts, Beaded jewelry, and Antique ritual objects like prayer flags at an affordable price.

We are a leading manufacturer as well as an exporter from Nepal. Contact us for wholesale or bulk orders.